Why does the backpack custom price differ from the online price?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
The development of online shopping has made many people have a sense of price comparison. When many customers have backpack customization needs, they will look for similar styles or the same bags for price comparison online, and most of the online prices are lower than those quoted by customized backpack manufacturers. In this regard, customers will have questions, why the online price should be lower than the manufacturer’s quotation, did the manufacturer deliberately overstate the price? In this regard, the luggage manufacturer will tell you today why there is a custom backpack price and an online price What are the reasons for the difference? 1. Reasons for quantity Quantity is one of the important reasons for the price difference between offline customization and online sales. Generally speaking, backpacks of the same style and material, the more the quantity, the cheaper the price. Many online sellers one-time The quantity of customization is in the unit of thousands or even tens of thousands. When the quantity is large, the cost is relatively in a controllable range, and it is easier to reduce the cost. When the cost is low, the sales price will naturally vary. decline. While offline backpack customization, the number of customizations for most customers ranges from tens to hundreds. Few customers can customize the number of more than 1,000. If the number of customizations is small, the manufacturer's production cost is difficult to control and cannot be reduced. The cost, the cost cannot be reduced, and the quotation given to the customer will naturally be higher. 2. Material differences. Material differences are also one of the important factors that cause price differences. There are many materials available for backpack customization. The yarn density of the same material is different, and the price difference is also very large. Many backpacks on the Internet use relatively poor materials. Yes, but many customers are laymen and may not know the difference in materials. Therefore, when comparing packages, only the appearance is compared, and it is easy to ignore factors such as materials. Most of the customized backpacks are made of better materials. Good materials will naturally increase the cost, so the customized price will be higher. Therefore, when comparing prices, we cannot make generalizations. 3. Labor cost If you ask about the price of luggage processing factories in different regions, there may be a big gap. For example, if you ask about the price of bags in Xiamen and Hebei, it is different because the cost of workers is different. It may be slightly more expensive because the cost of workers in Xiamen is very high. Compared with the factory in Hebei, the overall price will fluctuate to a certain extent. Therefore, the place of production is also one of the reasons for the price change.   Online shopping, the product quality is not visible, but offline customization, the product quality can be controlled by one hand, and the material, style, etc. can be selected by yourself, completely personalized customization, is a popular customization method today. If you are looking for high-quality, long-term cooperation, you can reduce the number of non-working luggage processing factories, please come to our luggage, we will provide the best service and the best product quality, you will be satisfied, we will undertake all A variety of luggage ODM, OEM foundry, strong design strength, rich production experience, established for 14 years, quality and delivery time assured! Since its establishment in 2004, luggage services have been Baidu, Huayi, TCL, Alibaba, etc. Many well-known companies have also done OEMs for some internationally renowned luggage brands. The strength is visible, trustworthy and worthy of choice!
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