Why do custom luggage find a regular luggage factory

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
my country is a large country producing luggage and luggage. There are numerous luggage manufacturers and their qualifications are also uneven. Some small workshops even operate without a license. When companies or individuals customize luggage, it is not an easy task to find a suitable one among the many luggage manufacturers, but no matter what, the company must follow a principle when looking for luggage manufacturers, that is, no matter what Whenever you look for a regular luggage factory for customization. Why find a regular luggage factory for custom luggage? Let's take a look at the following explanation. 1. The product quality of the formal luggage factory is guaranteed. In many cases, the qualification of the manufacturer is directly related to the quality of the product. The raw materials purchased by the formal manufacturer meet the national requirements, and the raw materials are free of pollution and no harmful substances. The products are also quality guaranteed. If the bags are produced by irregular manufacturers, the price may be lower, but the quality of their products is not guaranteed. They may even use inferior raw materials to produce products, which will produce harmful substances and affect the health of users. Therefore, strictly choose cooperative manufacturers. , It is very important for customized luggage. 2. The technical strength of the formal luggage factory is guaranteed. The level of technical strength is one of the key factors for the survival of a luggage factory. Generally, the technical strength of a formal luggage factory is relatively high, otherwise it cannot survive in the fiercely competitive market. In the end, customized luggage pays attention to personalization, which is tailored according to customer requirements. The technology used by each customer is different. Therefore, the technical strength requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. Normal factories or small factories. The technical strength of the workshop is not up to the standard, and it is impossible to complete the needs of customers' personalized customized luggage. Therefore, the technical strength of choosing a formal luggage factory is guaranteed, and the product quality is relatively guaranteed.  3, a formal luggage factory has a professional production base    on-site visits to the production base of a luggage manufacturer is the most direct and rude way to judge the quality of a luggage manufacturer. If you say nothing, you still have to look at it yourself to know if it's good or not. Visiting luggage manufacturers, look at their office areas, look at their exhibition halls, look at their production workshops, whether this luggage manufacturer is good or not, you will know it in your own mind. The production bases of regular manufacturers are all built according to standards, and the products produced by the small workshops that are not dirty and messy can be more assured.  Find custom luggage manufacturers, look for luggage. Luggage is a factory that designs and produces all kinds of custom-made cloth products and luggage. The factory is located in Huadu, Guangzhou, covering a total area of u200bu200b3,600 square meters. It has been focusing on luggage research and development and design, constantly innovating products, and strictly in accordance with the standard requirements of luggage quality system management. , Adopt advanced assembly line production, quality assurance!
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