Why do backpack custom manufacturers have a minimum order quantity?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
When looking for custom backpack manufacturers, many customers will encounter the problem of manufacturers asking for customized quantity. If the customized quantity does not reach the manufacturer's minimum order quantity, the manufacturer will choose not to take the order. Many customers do not understand this, and the backpack is customized. Why does the manufacturer have a minimum order quantity? Let's listen to how the backpack manufacturer answers this question.   In reality, many people don’t understand the production process of backpacks. They even think that the production and customization of backpacks is similar to the work process of a tailor shop. The production process of the backpack is really not that simple. A backpack usually needs dozens or even hundreds of processes to be made. If the number of customizations is very small, it will not be possible to achieve streamlined manufacturing, and it will be difficult for the factory to cooperate.   If you understand the backpack customization process and purchasing process, you will understand why there is a minimum order quantity for backpack customization. The first process of customizing a backpack is to purchase raw materials, such as fabrics, linings, sliders, zippers, hardware accessories, etc., followed by the opening of the abrasive tools. After the raw materials are purchased, the materials will be cut immediately, and then the customer's logo will be printed. Finally, Then do stitching and other processes. If only a small number of backpacks are customized, it will be a big trouble for the factory. Not only is it difficult to purchase the required raw materials, but it is also difficult to find downstream factories to complete some processes. Therefore, if the customized quantity cannot reach a complete assembly line production, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order in order to save trouble. Customized backpacks, please look for backpacks! The quality and delivery time are all assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the backpack customization industry in Fujian, the backpack has customized high-quality backpacks for many well-known companies, and the backpack has been focusing on backpack customization for 15 years , Has a strong team of designers, and has long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic companies, including Baidu, Lianjia, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec and so on. Therefore, if you choose a manufacturer of customized backpacks, backpacks are a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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