Which material is better for custom tool kits

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
As the name suggests, the tool bag is a bag designed to store and protect tools. Because of its strong functionality, the protection requirements for the contents of the bag are also relatively high. Therefore, when customizing the tool bag, choosing the right material is directly related to According to the quality of the toolkit, which material is better for the toolkit?    If you want to know which material is good for the toolkit customization, you must first understand the commonly used materials for the toolkit. Generally speaking, the toolkit The commonly used materials are as follows:    1. Nylon material tool bag Nylon material is popular among consumers because of its strong and durable characteristics. Generally, nylon tool bag uses 1680D nylon, which is not afraid of scratching or water, and can protect tools well. It is not affected by the sharpness of the tools, and is suitable for load-bearing and sharp tools and supplies. It is often used in printer storage, military medical storage, etc. 2. Canvas material kits. There are also many canvas material kits. Tool kits of this type of material are generally more practical for storage, require detailed classification and cost-effective, suitable for storage of ordinary supplies, commonly used in garden workers, electricians and postmen, etc. Consumer groups. 3. Aluminum alloy tool kits. The quality of tool kits made of aluminum alloy is definitely leveraging, but because of their relatively high cost, tool kits made of this type of material are often used to store high-end, precision instruments and other tools. In order to ensure the safety of tools, some tool cases made of aluminum alloy are also equipped with code locks or padlocks to ensure the safety of tool storage.   Special reminder, if you want a cloth tool bag to have a shape, it will generally use PVC, EVA and other rigid materials as the inside, so that the whole tool bag will be supported to form a shape and become stylish. There are many different materials for tool kit customization. Different materials are suitable for different tools. When customizing the tool kit, you should choose according to the tools and equipment. Don’t just hear other people’s opinions, just choose which one is good. The key depends on whether the tool is suitable for you. Find a professional tool kit manufacturer to make tool kits, look for luggage, and luggage has been established for more than ten years, has been focusing on the research and development, design and production of luggage customization, not only has enough ability to customize professional tool kit products for customers, And it can also develop and design more cost-effective toolkits for customers. Powerful customized manufacturers, look for bags!
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