Which logo information printing technology is suitable for advertising backpack customization

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
The main body of advertising backpack customization is mainly various companies and some social groups. There are many ways for corporate groups to advertise. One of the promotion methods is more extensive and the price is relatively affordable, that is, customized advertising backpacks. When it comes to the customization of advertising backpacks, the choice of logo information printing technology is the most important thing. For advertising backpacks to play an advertising role, printing relevant information on the backpack is the key, and what is the effect of logo information technology printing? , Is directly related to the advertising effect of the backpack. Today, the author of the luggage will tell you about the customization of advertising backpacks and which logo information printing techniques are applicable. Let's learn about it together. 1. Weaving and embroidery Weaving and embroidery are what we often call embroidery. In modern society, this kind of printing technology uses machine embroidery. This method is suitable for various fabric products and should be the modern technology closest to ancient craftsmanship. It just changed the way of work from manual to machine. The LOGO embroidered in this way is very delicate, bright in color, smooth and particularly beautiful. The price of weaving and embroidery will be determined by the density of stitches and the difficulty of weaving and embroidery of logo information.  2, silk screen    screen printing refers to screen printing, which is to print the ink on paper or other materials through a special mesh. Silk screen printing has many advantages. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, easy to print and plate making and low cost. In advertising backpack customization, screen printing is the preferred printing method for most customers. Some common printing patterns and texts on backpacks are basic The above are all using silk screen technology. Silk-screen printing information will be particularly obvious on the backpack, the obvious advertising information, advertising effect is also relatively good, therefore, this kind of technology is also favored by advertising backpack customization customers. 3. The basic principle of laser engraving and laser marking is that a high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by a laser generator, and the focused laser acts on the printing material to instantly melt or even vaporize the surface material. The laser is controlled on the surface of the material. The path to form the required graphic mark. Laser marking is characterized by non-contact processing and can be marked on any special-shaped surface. The workpiece will not deform and generate internal stress. It is suitable for marking metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather and other materials. The cost of laser marking is relatively low, the speed is fast, and the effect is very good. Therefore, this technology is still widely used when printing LOGO on backpacks. Generally, most of the logos on common hardware plates are engraved by laser. The commonly used logo information technology for advertising backpack customization is the above. The above three LOGO information printing technologies are relatively cheap and the advertising effect is relatively obvious. Therefore, most customers will choose one of them for advertising backpacks. Customization, of course, the above technology is only part of the LOGO information printing technology, there are other logo printing technologies, but the advertising effect is not as obvious as the above three. The relevant introduction about logo information printing technology is like this. If there is anything unclear, you can consult the luggage manufacturer online.  Luggage is mainly engaged in various types of luggage processing and customized services, according to customer pictures, samples, customized processing, and customer LOGO Custom-made and quick proofing. The main products include backpacks, school bags, computer bags, leisure bags, mountaineering bags, trolley cases, etc. The products are widely used in product promotion, employee benefits, company activities, anniversary celebrations, product packaging, etc., and are worthy of your entrusted luggage manufacturer!
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