Which is better for Guangzhou luggage manufacturer?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
my country is a large country producing luggage and leather goods, with a relatively complete industrial chain, and the trend of centralization of the luggage industry is becoming increasingly obvious. At present, domestic economic zones with special luggage and bags, including Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Baigou, Hebei, Pinghu, Zhejiang, Ruian, Zhejiang, Dongyang, and Quanzhou, Fujian have initially formed in China. Among them, Guangzhou is recognized as the largest domestic luggage production base, and there are numerous luggage manufacturers in Guangzhou.   Guangzhou is located in the Pearl River Delta, with more than 6000 luggage and leather goods manufacturers, with the highest degree of industrial agglomeration, complete industrial chain, and strong industrial supporting capabilities. There are nearly 50 professional luggage and leather goods markets in Guangzhou, such as Zhonggang Leather City, Jinyi Leather City, Baiyun Leather Trade Center, Shiling Leather and Leather City, etc. Industrial clusters featuring luggage and leather goods have been established. There are more than 300,000 employees in the luggage industry in Guangzhou, with an annual output of more than 700 million luggage and leather goods. The technical level, production scale and product quality are all in a leading position in the country.   Which is the best manufacturer of luggage and bags in Guangzhou? Guangzhou has a large luggage industry and there are so many luggage manufacturers. It is not easy to find the right one among the many luggage manufacturers. When looking for a luggage manufacturer in Guangzhou, you should understand the manufacturer’s superior categories and workshop scale, and go to the manufacturer to inspect it if necessary. On-site inspection can see the manufacturer's production strength, production details and product quality with your own eyes, and you can see whether the manufacturer is good or not.  Look for a bag manufacturer in Guangzhou, and look for the bag. Luggage is a factory that designs and produces all kinds of custom-made cloth products and luggage. The factory is located in Huadu, Guangzhou, covering a total area of u200bu200b3,600 square meters. It has been focusing on luggage research and development and design, constantly innovating products, and strictly in accordance with the standard requirements of luggage quality system management. , Adopt advanced assembly line production, quality assurance!
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