Where to find manufacturers for custom backpacks in Beijing

by:Evercredit     2021-03-22
As the capital city of my country, Beijing has many high-tech enterprises of all kinds, but most basic manufacturing enterprises have moved to other regions due to Beijing's high operating costs. Therefore, when customers in Beijing have a need for customized backpacks, many people don't know where to find a suitable manufacturer. Today, luggage manufacturers will tell you where to find manufacturers for custom backpacks in Beijing. Let’s get to know them together.  Beijing, as a first-tier city, there are few large-scale backpack production and processing plants in the local area. Even if there is, the price will be much higher than other areas that specialize in the production of bags. Therefore, many customers who have customized backpack needs go to other places to find suitable backpack factories. Many customers of luggage are from Beijing area.   my country is a big country producing luggage. There are many wholesale markets for luggage production in various places. Among them, the four major luggage wholesale markets in Guangzhou Shiling, Hebei Baigou, Zhejiang Yiwu, and Liaoning Nantai are very famous. There are countless backpack processing factories in these areas. When looking for factories, everyone should pay attention to the following points:   1. Find the right and find the manufacturer. Customized foundries can be divided into box foundries and bags based on material characteristics. The foundry should know that the craftsmanship between making boxes and making bags is very different. Manufacturers who can make boxes do not mean that they will make bags. Manufacturers who can make bags do not mean that they will make boxes. Therefore, in When looking for a manufacturer, you must communicate carefully. Don't want to make a package but find a box manufacturer. As the saying goes, there are specialties in the technical industry, and only the quality of products made by professional manufacturers can satisfy customers and rest assured. The luggage is Baidu's customized backpack real map▼  2. Pay attention to the customized quantity. Most factories have a minimum order quantity in order to save production costs. The reason why backpack manufacturers stipulate the minimum order quantity is often based on the consideration of saving production costs. If the customized quantity is small and the overall production cost is not cost-effective, the manufacturer will choose not to accept the order. Therefore, customers should pay attention to the number of customized backpacks, so as not to find the manufacturer due to too little quantity. 3. Verify the real strength of the factory. When looking for a backpack foundry, you can first search on the Internet, and then find a few if you like it, compare it, and then choose the manufacturer you intend to conduct on-site inspections to see how the factory's real production strength is. . If you don’t make a field visit, you can also choose to let the manufacturer make proofs. Proofing is a key step to directly test the manufacturer’s true technology. If the manufacturer can’t even make proofs, you don’t need to expect this factory to produce good products. Therefore, before placing an order, the manufacturer must be required to make proofs to avoid cheating. Looking for manufacturers for customized backpacks in Beijing, please look for the luggage manufacturers. The luggage factory is located in the South China luggage wholesale center-Guangzhou Huadu Shiling. It is an industry and trade enterprise that was founded in 2004 and integrates luggage design, development, production and sales. , Not only has a professional backpack design and development team, but also a professional production customization team. It adopts advanced computer assembly line production. The equipment is modernized. The annual output is 600,000 backpacks and related bag products. The style is novel, the price is good, and the quantity is good. It is worth choosing and trusting.
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