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by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
my country is a large country producing luggage and bags, and there are many luggage wholesale markets in various places. Among them, the four major luggage wholesale markets in Guangzhou Shiling, Hebei Baigou, Zhejiang Yiwu, and Liaoning Nantai are the most famous. When it comes to luggage wholesale, a question that every purchaser is very concerned about is the wholesale price of luggage. Many people want to know where is the cheapest luggage wholesale? In response to this question, let’s listen to how the luggage author answers. Where is the cheapest luggage wholesale? This question is not general, because there are many factors that affect the wholesale price of luggage, and different factors will cause the wholesale price of luggage to fluctuate. Generally speaking, the main factors affecting the wholesale price of luggage are as follows:   1 Luggage styles, materials, large and small luggage styles, materials and sizes are the fundamental factors affecting the wholesale price of luggage. The price of different materials and sizes of luggage varies greatly. Even if the style is the same luggage, but the material is different, the price is impossible The same, and these price differences exist everywhere, so everyone should pay attention when purchasing bags. 2. How much luggage purchase quantity As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover, the more luggage purchases at a time, the more profits the seller can make will increase accordingly, and the price will decrease at this time, but if you only purchase a few or dozens If this is the case, the unit price of the luggage may be higher. This is the same no matter where it is. Therefore, if there is a need, it is recommended that you can purchase more collectively or purchase more at a time, so that the unit price will be lower. Purchasing costs have also dropped. 3. There are many luggage wholesale markets in our country, and the prices are different in different locations and markets. Generally speaking, if you go to the four major wholesale markets in the country to wholesale luggage, the price is definitely cheaper than other places, but buyers are also You have to think about your actual situation, such as the freight and manpower and material resources after your purchase. You can't blindly think that the four major wholesale markets are cheaper, and go all the way to buy. Your actual situation must be considered.  The luggage industry has a lot of room for development. In addition to purchasing in the luggage wholesale market, you can also directly design and customize personalized styles when entering the luggage business. The same styles of luggage and bags can no longer meet people's personalized travel needs, and personalized luggage customization is becoming the mainstream trend. Luggage customization Look for luggage. Luggage has always been committed to luggage customization, designing and producing personalized luggage for customers! And the luggage factory is located in South China Luggage Wholesale Center-Guangzhou Huadu Shiling, the price is good and the quantity is good, and it is more worthy of choice and trust.
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