What size is more suitable for the purchase of schoolbags

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
Schoolbags vary in size. When purchasing schoolbags for children, parents should pay attention to choosing the appropriate size according to the age and height of the children, so as to avoid oversized schoolbags and aggravate the pressure on the children. Then, when buying schoolbags, What size is more appropriate? Let's listen to what the luggage manufacturers suggest. Regarding the size of schoolbags, in addition to referring to the height of the children, there is also attention to the size of the textbooks. No matter how small the size of the schoolbag is, you have to fit the textbooks. Therefore, when buying a schoolbag, you can use the A4 paper size as a reference, A4 The height of the paper is 29.7cm, so the height of the schoolbag is 30cm or more, and all textbooks can be placed in A4 paper. Generally speaking, schoolbags can be purchased according to the three stages of kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high school to choose the corresponding size.   1, kindergarten is suitable for 25-35cm schoolbags. There are few kindergarten textbooks and the height of children is generally not high. Therefore, applicable The size of schoolbags should be smaller. Most kindergarten schoolbags are used for three years, and the height of the children will change within three years. Therefore, when buying schoolbags, you can use a compromise size, which will not allow you to enter the kindergarten. Children feel that the schoolbag is too big, and it will not make the big class children feel that the schoolbag is too small. 2. Elementary schools apply 36-42cm schoolbags to enter elementary schools. With the increase of textbooks, the size and capacity of schoolbags will increase, and the height of the children has begun to change significantly. At this time, the children can be given a larger schoolbag, but for elementary school children At the critical stage of growth and development, the size of the schoolbag should not be too large, so as not to be overloaded and affect development. The size between 36-42cm is more suitable and suitable for primary school schoolbags. 3. 40-45cm schoolbags are suitable for middle and high schools. The height of children in middle and high schools is basically stable, and heavy schoolwork needs a large-capacity schoolbag to carry. The 40-45cm schoolbag size is not too big for most middle and high school students. It is a good choice for them to hold the required materials, textbooks, and such a size.  Luggage and bags warmly remind all parents: In order to reduce the pressure on children from the schoolbag during the growth period of the child, the weight of the book package should not exceed 15% of the child's weight, so as to avoid overloading it and affecting healthy growth. If you have any questions about the purchase of school bags, welcome everyone to the bags and we will do our best to answer you. You can purchase and customize school bags, and luggage manufacturers will always be with you.
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