What should be paid attention to in the customization of primary school schoolbags

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
Nowadays, the schoolwork pressure of primary school is not small. All kinds of school bag assignments often fill up the students’ schoolbags. Therefore, if the schoolbags are customized, the quality requirements for schoolbags will be more stringent, and the pupils are in physical development. At this stage, if you carry an inappropriate schoolbag for a long time, it may affect your physical health and development. Therefore, for custom schoolbags, all aspects of the requirements cannot be relaxed. Below, the luggage manufacturers will tell you what should be paid attention to when customizing primary school schoolbags. Let's take a look. 1. Choose the material to be wear-resistant and durable. Many student schoolbags on the market are of poor quality, and they are easy to rot if they are a little heavy. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, if you want the schoolbags to be strong and durable, in addition to choosing strong and wear-resistant In addition to a good material, all the stress points of the schoolbag should be reinforced to prevent the shoulder strap from breaking due to overload. 2. Customized schoolbags are better equipped with wide shoulder straps and large waistband shoulder straps to help disperse the weight and reduce the pressure of the schoolbag on the child's shoulders, and the padded schoolbag shoulder straps can also reduce the trapezius muscle caused by the schoolbag Of strain, protect the child’s shoulder and arm. Therefore, when customizing a school bag, you can choose an ergonomic shoulder strap. In addition, using a waist belt can make the school bag closer to the back, and unload the weight of the school bag evenly on the waist bone and the disc bone. Moreover, the belt can fix the schoolbag at the waist, prevent the schoolbag from swinging, reduce the pressure on the students' spine and shoulders, and give the children a better carrying experience.  3. Schoolbags for elementary school students should be tailored to the body. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the child's body, carry it on the body, and the bottom of the schoolbag should not be lower than the child's waist 10 cm. When carrying the schoolbag, the top of the schoolbag should not be higher than the child's head, and the waist belt should be between 2-3 inches from the waist. The bottom of the schoolbag is the same height as the lower back, and the schoolbag is located in the middle of the back, not on the bottom. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags for primary school students, schools should tailor them to the heights of different students. The above is a brief introduction about 'What should be paid attention to when customizing primary school schoolbags'. Primary school schoolbag customization requirements will be higher than those for kindergarten schoolbag customization. When choosing a manufacturer, the customization party must first check whether the manufacturer has enough strength to produce the products that meet the requirements. The required schoolbags, so as not to waste manpower, material resources and financial resources. Personalized customized schoolbags, look for luggage, luggage is a large-scale schoolbag, luggage, advertising backpack custom factory, a comprehensive enterprise engaged in design, production, and sales. It has a production plant of 6000 square meters and more than 200 skilled lathes. The quality control system is perfect, and the production process is checked at all levels to ensure the high quality and fast efficiency of the products. We specialize in customizing children's school bags, children's backpacks, primary school school bags, trolley school bags, etc. Welcome to inquire!
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