What material is better for computer bag customization

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
One of the characteristics of computer bag customization is that you can choose the custom style, size, material and other elements according to the requirements of the customer, so as to customize the exclusive personalized computer bag. The computer bag is mainly for the storage and protection of portable computers. When customizing, the choice of material is related to the quality of the final computer bag. So the question is, what material is better for computer bag customization? Let’s listen to what the bags say!    Computer bag customization If you want to get a high-quality computer bag, everyone should pay attention to more than the choice of the main material. The selection of materials for the details of the computer bag, such as the cloth, zippers, and hardware accessories, is also very important. 1. Choose the main material for computer bag customization. There are many main materials to choose from. Nylon, polyester, leather and other materials are relatively common and commonly used. Computer bags made of different materials have different textures and price differences. Big. When customers of luggage and bags customize their computer bags, most customers choose fabric materials, such as nylon and polyester. The computer bags made of fabric materials are wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, feel comfortable and have good waterproof functions. Favored by all customers.  2, computer bag custom lining chooses    computer bag custom lining chooses multi-purpose polyester material. Polyester has good air permeability and moisture removal, and feels smoother and has better elasticity. 3. The choice of customized zipper for computer bag is YKK, but the price of YKK zipper is several times that of other ordinary zippers, and most customers have limited budget for customized computer bags. Mass customized computer bags use YKK. It is not practical unless there is sufficient budget. SBS zipper is generally used, and the quality is also very good. 4. Computer bag custom hardware accessories selection. Hardware refers to the various small hardware parts used in the process of making computer bags. Common hardware accessories include buckles, sliders, hardware tags, etc., and high-quality hardware accessories are selected to play a finishing touch. , Can improve the grade of the computer bag. If you want to know what material is better for computer bag customization, come find a luggage and get your exclusive computer bag customization plan! Luggage has been focusing on computer bags and various backpack customization for 16 years. With excellent product quality and service, it has been Thousands of well-known companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Huawei, TCL, etc. have produced customized gift computer bags, backpacks, etc. The visible manifestation of their strength, computer bag customization, choose luggage, you can rest assured that'bags'! Want to know more, Friends are welcome to call the official free consultation hotline for luggage for more details!
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