What is the toolkit customization process?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
Most of the toolkits sold on the market are of uniform model specifications, but most tools are suitable for different toolkits due to their shape, performance, and degree of exquisiteness. Therefore, if the toolkit is fully suitable for tools, it can be equipped and protected. The role of tools, then you have to customize the toolkit. So, what is the toolkit customization process? The luggage manufacturer will answer for you.  1. Determine the style.    There are many tool bag styles. Before customizing, you must first determine the tool bag style according to the specific characteristics of the tool. For example, whether you want a trolley tool bag, a backpack, or a shoulder bag, you must decide in advance. Then design the drawings according to the style and the kit, and indicate the approximate functional requirements, size, color, etc. If the customizing party does not have a professional tool bag designer, you can also find a professional bag manufacturer to request the design and design after confirming After the draft, the following matters can proceed smoothly. 2. Choose a good material for toolkit customization. The requirements for material selection are strict. A high-quality toolkit cannot be made without a good material. Therefore, after the design drawing is determined, the corresponding material must be selected according to the budget, but everyone must be careful Remember, the price of a good material must be higher. Therefore, when choosing a material, the customizing party can ask the manufacturer to recommend it and choose a material that is more suitable for its own kit. 3. Looking for professional manufacturers for proofing to see the effect. Toolkit customization is different from Qihe luggage customization. The requirements for factory technical strength are relatively high. After the design drawings and materials are selected, it is necessary to look for professional manufacturers for proofing to see the final What is the effect of strength? Proofing is a way to directly inspect the strength of the manufacturer. The selection of tool kits and the requirements for pattern making are much higher than other backpacks. You must have a certain level of strength to make a good sample package and proofing. The process is relatively complicated. The design, material selection, pattern making, sewing, etc. all test the strength of the manufacturer. Only the luggage products produced by the good proofing ability can be recognized and liked by the customers, and how direct the proofing ability is It reflects the professionalism of the luggage manufacturer. Therefore, if you want to see how strong this manufacturer is, it is most practical to let the manufacturer make a sample directly.  4. Mass production    If the proofing effect is satisfactory, Basic Mountain can sign the toolkit customization OEM contract. This step in the toolkit customization is the beginning of customization, and it was always cold dishes before. Only at this point will the toolkit manufacturer arrange the production and delivery of the production process sheet, prepare the bulk materials, open the printing knife template, perform the blanking, various sewing, various equipment processing, and finally turn over the package, and also perform some packaging. List the production process and work flow.  5. Inspection    After all the processes are completed, there is the last and most critical step, which is to sample the bulk cargo. To ensure that there are no quality problems, arrange bulk shipments to enterprises or customers. Find a professional tool kit manufacturer to make tool kits, look for luggage, and luggage has been established for more than ten years, has been focusing on the research and development, design and production of luggage customization, not only has enough ability to customize professional tool kit products for customers, And it can also develop and design more cost-effective toolkits for customers. Powerful customized manufacturers, look for bags!
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