What is the process of custom backpack proofing?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-21
Proofing to customers to confirm samples is the most common thing for luggage manufacturers. If customers can place an order, the quality of the samples that the manufacturer gives to customers must be absolutely clear. Moreover, the quality of the samples directly reflects the technical strength of the manufacturer. Therefore, most customers will ask the manufacturer to make a sample before placing an order. Speaking of proofing, does anyone know what the process of custom backpack proofing is like? Next, let’s see what the bag author’s answer is.  1. First determine the material    When making a sample, you must first determine what material to use to make the sample. Most customers are not familiar with backpack fabrics. Therefore, the manufacturer must recommend the corresponding material according to the customer's requirements to facilitate the customer's choice.  2, paper-out grid   Luggage proofing is out of grid design and patterning. At this time, the size and shape of the luggage must be set. The size and shape of the luggage are provided by the customer, and then the paper grid master analyzes whether the luggage structure is reasonable according to the demand, and accurately customizes the appearance of the luggage corresponding to the demand based on experience.  3. Determine the production process   If the above two points are done, it is necessary to decide what kind of process should be used according to the materials of this backpack. Of course, it depends on the style and route of this backpack. The bag style design of the bag manufacturer will allow the designer to directly communicate with the company to confirm the design sample, and then let the master make a draft based on the design sample. At this time, check the bag detail drawing and the overall drawing.  4. Formal proofing    After all the preparations are done, the proofing can be done normally. What kind of materials a backpack is composed of, and the finished backpack is determined by the relevant process. After it’s done, check the overall sewing process of the bag, the radian and the handling of discounts. If the process is not done well, the proofing will fail. Even if the sample is sent to the customer, it will not be recognized by the customer. Yes, so all aspects of proofing samples must be of high quality. Of course, the production of bulk goods should not be sloppy. When it comes to backpack proofing, many people think that backpack manufacturers have too many samples and should be readily available. In fact, we mainly do OEM processing and customized processing of backpacks. The factory does not keep inventory, and they are all customized according to customers. The quantity is produced and shipped. Many customers will have a lot of inventory. This is a complete misunderstanding. After processing a batch of large goods, we will only keep a sample and put it in the sample room for display. Therefore, once the customer needs a sample, especially the sample package provided by the guest, it is processed by the designer alone. For luggage customization, please look for customized luggage manufacturers. Customized luggage products are made of high-quality fabrics. Good products are derived from good fabrics. Luggage is a luggage manufacturer integrating luggage design and development, processing customization, and independent sales. It has been committed to more than ten years. Customized for backpacks, computer bags, travel bags, trolley bags, etc., with a complete product range, it is a high-quality manufacturer of corporate backpack customization!
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