What is the minimum order quantity for a custom cosmetic bag

by:Evercredit     2021-03-21
Cosmetic bags are an absolutely indispensable part for women. In order to increase the sales of cosmetics, many cosmetics sales companies will equip the cosmetics with corresponding cosmetic bags to attract the attention of female friends. You must know that a stylish and bright Eye cosmetic bag is definitely a favorite of most female friends. So, what is the minimum order quantity for a customized cosmetic bag? This question is of concern to many people. Next, the bag author will answer this question for everyone, let's take a look. The common cosmetic bags on the market are relatively small and exquisite in size, so the minimum order quantity of cosmetic bags should be higher than ordinary backpacks. Generally speaking, the minimum order quantity of cosmetic bags is more than 500, if the quantity is too small , The consumption of fabric is also relatively small, the overall production cost is higher, and there is no profit. Therefore, most manufacturers will choose not to accept orders to avoid wasting manpower, material resources, and financial resources. Therefore, if you want to find a manufacturer to customize a cosmetic bag, it is best to do more at one time, lest the quantity is too small to find the manufacturer. The cosmetic bag is a very good product. It is a tool that many women often use. For example, businesses put their own slogan or LOGO on the outside of the cosmetic bag. Girls who get up and sit on the makeup table every morning will definitely see you. The information of this brand and store is invisibly displayed more frequently than those advertised on CCTV, and the effect of such advertising is very good.   If you have not found a cosmetic bag manufacturer, you can choose a custom-made bag manufacturer. Luggage was founded in 2004. It has an independent factory building, a professional development and design team, and is equipped with modern production equipment to strictly control product quality. The products cover travel, business, fashion, leisure, leather goods, etc., suitable for all fields, and are your trustworthy Custom manufacturers!
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