What is the effect of stock backpack plus logo?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: What is the effect of adding a logo to a stock backpack?    Answer: Taking luggage as an example, if a logo is added to a luggage stock backpack, the logo is marked on the hardware plate using laser laser technology. The laser laser logo color is black and natural It goes without saying that everyone knows that black, and the true color is what the color of the hardware brand itself is, what is the color of the logo that is made, the effect of the true color is not very obvious, most customers will choose the more obvious black style, of course , The specific effect of which style to choose depends on the needs of customers. Warm reminder, at this stage, if customers want to customize their own backpacks and order goods before the Spring Festival holiday, it is too late in time. At this stage, the factory is already on holiday. At this time, if you want to customize the backpack, the only choice is the manufacturer. Stock style backpacks or re-production and customization after the Spring Festival. Luggage 2019 new simple business backpack (spot style)    This simple business backpack is the main spot for luggage, supports small batch orders, can be laser LOGO, short production cycle, high cost performance, less or necessary for customization For customers who are more anxious, choosing a stock backpack is a very good choice. Dear friends who want to know more details about the spot, please call the free consultation hotline for more details!
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