What is the custom price of the wash bag?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
Traveling has become the norm in people’s lives nowadays, but when you leave, you also need to take all the items that should be taken. During the journey, the toiletry bag can always silently store a pile of'undisposable' toiletries and maintenance items. , Even some batteries and medicines, to provide more convenience to our journey. The summer travel season is approaching, so many buyers will also take advantage of the holidays to do promotional activities, and the toiletry bag has become the best promotional gift choice in the promotional activities. So, what is the custom price of the wash bag? Let's listen to what the bag manufacturer says. 1. Customized styles affect the price. There are many styles of toiletry bags. The storage function and price of different styles are very different. Generally speaking, the simpler the style, the simpler the production process, the shorter the production time, and the lower the customized price. Otherwise, the price will be higher. If a business wants to customize a toilet bag with more complete functions, the production process will be more complicated, and the customized price will naturally be higher. 2. Customized material affects the price. Material is an important factor that affects the customized price of toiletry bags. There are many kinds of materials for making toiletry bags. The price difference of different materials is very large. Generally speaking, the material is the key to the customized toiletry bag. One of the factors, because the main feature of the wash bag is small and light, and the main function is to reduce the burden on the journey, so when customizing the wash bag, you need to pay attention to the choice of the material of the wash bag, and choose waterproof and wear-resistant Good performance and lightweight materials, such as nylon, polyester or PVC. The price and quality of different materials are not the same. Customizers can ask manufacturers to recommend suitable materials according to their own budget. 3. The number of customizations affects the price. As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover. If the number of customized toiletry bags is large, most manufacturers The price will be quoted lower, because if the quantity is large, the manufacturer's overall production cost control will be more reasonable, and the waste will be reduced. Then the production cost will be reduced, and the manufacturer's quotation will naturally be reduced. Moreover, in order to save costs, many backpack customization manufacturers have a minimum order requirement for the customized quantity. If the order quantity does not meet the relevant regulations, the manufacturer will not accept the order to avoid losing money. Buyers customize toiletry bags not only to promote product sales, but also to attract attention and increase corporate brand awareness. To customize toiletry bags is not only a good manufacturer, but also the full support and cooperation of a strong design team and a back-up Ru0026D team. In order to ensure that mass-customized bulk goods can meet the needs of purchasers. Therefore, buyers choose custom toiletry bags, they can choose custom luggage manufacturers! The custom luggage manufacturer is located in Guangzhou, Fujian. It has 15 years of experience in customizing luggage and has a factory with more than 200 people, and has its own design team and Ru0026D team. Cooperating with custom-made work, it is a professional manufacturer of luggage customization in the industry!
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