What factors affect the custom price of student schoolbags

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
Student schoolbag customization is a hot topic of customization during this period of time. Many customers who have student schoolbag customization needs are also inquiring about the trend of schoolbag customization prices in various aspects. Below, luggage manufacturers will tell you about the student schoolbag customization prices. Let's take a look at the factors affected by it. 1. Schoolbag material The material is one of the most important factors affecting the price. There are many kinds of materials for schoolbags to choose from. The price of different materials varies greatly. Even the same material, the density is different, and the price difference is also It is very large, and the materials purchased by the schoolbag processing factory are not in the same area, so the price of the purchased materials will also be different, which will affect the customized price of schoolbags. 2. The complexity of schoolbag styles. The complexity of schoolbag styles directly affects the craftsmanship. The more complex the style and the higher the technological requirements, the higher the production cost. Once the cost rises, the price cannot be very low. Therefore, in customizing students When it comes to schoolbags, if the price is not so high, the style of choice should not be too complicated, otherwise the price will increase. 3. The number of customized schoolbags As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover. If there are many customized quantities, the production cost of the factory will not be wasted so much, and the unit price will be relatively lower. The price of the factory will naturally be lower. Generally, the factory will There is a tiered quotation table, where you can do the quantity in certain ranges, as long as the overall price allows the factory to make money. 4. Labor cost If you ask for the price of luggage processing factories in different regions, there may be a big gap. For example, if you ask for the price of bags in Xiamen and Hebei, it is different because the cost of workers is different. It may be a bit more expensive because the cost of workers in Xiamen is very high. Compared with the factory in Hebei, the overall price will fluctuate to a certain extent. However, Xiamen has its advantages, quality, proximity to the port, and very convenient export. 5. Whether there are physical samples. Whether the customer has physical samples or not is also one of the factors that affect the customized price. If the customer only has the design drawing of the backpack but no physical sample, then the problem will arise. The customer must cooperate with the factory to repeat the sample according to the drawing. Continue production until you are satisfied. Some of the costs for proofing modification are not low. Manufacturers generally offer free proofing for the first time. If there are too many revisions, the costs incurred will be amortized to the production price. Where to look for student schoolbag customization? Luggage is worth choosing. The luggage customization manufacturer is a schoolbag manufacturer that specializes in Ru0026D, design, and production of kindergarten schoolbags and schoolbags for primary and middle school students. It has 15 years of experience in customizing schoolbags and provides it for Tsinghua primary and secondary school students, Longpan International School and other schools all year round. School bags, customized school bags, bags are worthy of your choice.
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