What aspects should be paid attention to when customizing children's backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
Children's customized backpacks are becoming more and more popular and are favored by many kindergartens and schools. Many kindergartens and schools have customized personalized children's backpacks to promote the brand and improve the brand image. However, because children are in the stage of growing their bodies, children's backpacks will affect their health, so it is extremely important to customize a good children's backpack. Below, the luggage author takes you to understand what aspects should be paid attention to when customizing children's backpacks.  Customized children's backpacks should be carefully customized according to different ages and heights, and full consideration must be given to whether the size and size of the backpack are suitable for the height of the child. For example, the height of children around 3 years old is generally less than 1 meter, and the average height of children aged 7-10 years is 1.2-1.4 meters. The height difference between the two is relatively large, and it is impossible for a 3-year-old child to carry the weight of a 7-10 year-old child. Backpacks, it is impossible for 7-10 year-old children to carry a 3-year-old child's backpack. Therefore, height should be considered when customizing children's backpacks to make them more suitable for children of different ages.   In addition, when customizing children's backpacks, attention should be paid to the choice of materials, and the internal design of the backpack should not be ignored. There are various styles of children's backpacks, and there are many kinds of materials, such as plush, plastic, Oxford cloth, etc. In the customization of children's backpacks, suitable materials should be selected according to the use and age. First, it can achieve functional application, and second It can satisfy children's beautiful decoration. The internal space of children's backpacks is designed reasonably, so that children's various styles of stationery, books, pens, etc. and water cup snacks can be stored separately. Customized children’s backpacks look for luggage. For more than ten years, we have focused on luggage customization. The production capacity, product quality, sampling speed and cost control can fully meet the production needs of customers for large orders. We accept various backpack OEM and ODM orders and provide sample processing. , OEM, OEM and other services. We have accumulated rich practical experience in styles, materials, craftsmanship and other links. We are trustworthy!
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