What are the types of outdoor backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
Nowadays, there are more and more people who love outdoor activities. Exciting outdoor activities like camping, climbing, hiking, and crossing are also becoming more and more popular. If you want to participate in outdoor activities, you must carry the necessary equipment. Choose A good backpack is often the first step in preparing for outdoor activities. Next, the luggage author will introduce to you the types of outdoor backpacks, let's learn about it together. There are many outdoor backpacks on the market. According to the size, they are nothing more than large bags (45-above), medium bags (35-45L), and small bags (30L or less), but according to the functions of the backpack, there are the following Several types:    1. Extreme adventure backpack This backpack is generally used for extreme mountaineering and long-distance trekking. The backpack has high support strength, strong bearing capacity, abundant external hanging points, complicated craftsmanship, and special attention to functionality. The first choice for high-intensity and professional outdoor sports.  2, trekking backpack    is mainly used for long-distance hiking or long-term travel. It has strong support and a simple and light body design. If it is reproduced inside, it is more inclined to be stored in categories. It is suitable for general camping and crossing activities.  3, climbing backpack    is designed for professional or amateur rock climbing and ice climbing. In order not to affect the climbing, it usually adopts a soft back design. The fabric has strong tensile and abrasion resistance. It is specially equipped with fixed crampons and climbing rope devices. It is rich in external hangs for easy attachment of equipment. Some styles are also equipped with a cushion cloth for finishing equipment. . 4. The cycling backpack is designed for cycling sports, and the cycling sports speed is relatively fast. Therefore, the cycling backpack should pay attention to balance and lightness. This kind of backpack design is generally exquisite, compact, bright in color, and strong in functionality. Basically, a reflective device is required, and the bag can hold a series of riding items such as water bottles and helmets. 5. Outdoor leisure backpacks. Daily outdoor leisure backpacks pay attention to leisure. The appearance is also very important. It is best to match with daily clothing. Functional requirements are not high. It can basically hold personal belongings. Go shopping on weekends and holidays. Climbing and climbing in the suburbs, carrying a small bag with a classic design, and carrying some common items with you, is also a kind of pleasant enjoyment.   The functionality of outdoor backpacks is more important. If you feel that you are not satisfied with purchasing an outdoor backpack, it is better to try a personalized outdoor backpack and customize it according to your own specific outdoor project activities, making it more practical and unique. Outdoor backpack customization, look for customized luggage manufacturers! It has been 14 years since the establishment of luggage and bags. Not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and layout rooms, complete production equipment, but also has professional Ru0026D designers and skilled craftsmen, outdoor backpack Quality is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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