What are the requirements of brand luggage OEMs for factories

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
Many internationally well-known luggage brands sell products in China are basically made by foundries. This is considered from the perspective of cost saving. This is also the reason why the production address on the tag of some brand luggage products is written in a certain region in China. Where it is. So, what are the requirements of the brand luggage OEM for the factory? The following luggage author will take you to find out, let's take a look. As an internationally well-known brand, the strength of the foundry factories that the brand luggage suppliers are looking for must be very guaranteed, so that the luggage products produced can meet the requirements. Generally speaking, if the well-known brand luggage companies look for the foundry, they basically have to meet the following Several conditions:    1. The foundry technology is relatively high. Well-known brand bags have relatively high requirements for the related technology of the foundry, and the quality of the products produced in this way is more guaranteed. If the foundry technology is not guaranteed, how to make it exquisite What about the luggage products? Therefore, the manufacturer’s technical level is a very important criterion for judging. 2. The scale of the foundry is relatively large. The sales volume of well-known luggage brands is relatively large. Therefore, there are relevant regulations on the scale of the foundry. If the scale of the factory is too small, the specified number of luggage products cannot be completely specified within the specified time. That will inevitably have an impact on the sales of branded luggage. Therefore, the scale of the foundry must be slightly larger, so that the delivery period is more secure.  3. The reputation of the foundry is better. The good reputation of the foundry indicates that the products it has made in the past have been loved by consumers. If the products are processed by manufacturers with guaranteed reputation, it can reduce a lot of worries. The above is the relevant introduction about 'What does the brand luggage OEM request the factory?The strength is affirmed. When you choose a custom luggage factory, if you can choose a factory that does OEM for a well-known luggage brand, you basically don't have to worry about product quality and delivery time, and all aspects are relatively safe. Find a factory for luggage customization or an OEM factory for luggage customization. Please look for the luggage manufacturer. The luggage manufacturer is a professional luggage customization manufacturer with strong design and rich production experience. It has been established for 14 years and the quality and delivery time are easy. Rest assured! Since its establishment in 2004, Luggage has served many well-known companies such as Baidu, Huayi, Alibaba, and has also done OEM for some internationally renowned luggage brands. The strength is visible, trustworthy and worthy of choice!
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