What are the precautions for the use of bicycle front bags

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Cycling is a very popular green sport in recent years. Especially on weekends, many people like to ride their bicycles out and wander around. They are very comfortable and leisure. As a result, all kinds of front bags have gradually become popular. Below, the luggage manufacturers will tell you what are the precautions for the use of bicycle front bags, let's learn about them together.   The front bag is installed on the front of the handlebar, and the position is superior, so you can easily and quickly pick and place objects from it. When going out for a ride, mobile phones, wallets, snacks, water cups, etc. can all be put in the front bag, which is very convenient without having to carry it or carry it on the back. However, when using the front bag, there are some things that everyone needs to pay attention to, so as not to affect the use.   1. Before riding, check whether the frame of the front bag is stable and whether the screws of the fixing seat are loose. So as not to fall down due to the unstable fixation of the front bag when riding, which may damage the contents in the insurance.  2. When placing valuable electronic products such as cameras and camcorders, it is recommended to use shock-proof inner tanks and fill the internal space to minimize the chance of collisions between the equipment due to bumps on the road.   3. If accidents such as crashes, collisions, etc. occur accidentally, carefully check the damage to the front bag and repair or replace it in time.  4. If a single shoulder strap is attached to the front bag, please remove it before riding to prevent the shoulder strap from getting caught in the wheel. 5. The front bag is generally composed of a bag body and a fixed seat or a fixed belt. Many front bags are directly tied to the handlebar through two fixed belts, but this is easy because there is no gap between the front bag and the handlebar. The space in turn presses on the brakes and the transmission line tube, and because they are too close to the frame, they will collide with each other. Therefore, when purchasing and using the front bag, pay attention to whether the fixed place of the front bag has a certain forward drift distance from the handlebar, and also whether the front bag can be locked on the handlebar to avoid the bag during riding. Shake up and down to avoid riding.   The above is a brief introduction about the 'what are the precautions for the use of the bicycle front bag'. Although the front bag is not so complicated when it is used, it is still necessary to pay attention to related matters so as not to affect normal use. If you still don’t understand, you can consult the luggage manufacturer online.
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