What are the common types of outdoor backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
Outdoor backpacks are indispensable for those who love outdoor activities. Outdoor backpacks can provide people with a lot of convenience when doing outdoor activities. Outdoor backpacks vary according to the types of outdoor activities. Today, the author of luggage has sorted out some types of outdoor backpacks for everyone. Let's follow the author's footsteps to take a look. 1. Daily backpacks are the rarest and most used backpack types on the market. Over 90% of backpacks purchased by most people belong to this type, such as computers, mobile phones, keys, wallets, power banks, data cables, tissues, etc. Can be installed. And you can carry it anywhere from get off work, school, close travel, and shopping, almost invincible.  2, long-distance backpack  In terms of type, this was once an entry-level outdoor backpack, and it can usually carry 2-3 days of outdoor supplies. The volume is usually 40-60 liters, but it is not small, it depends on what you bring.  3, long-distance backpack    the favorite of backpackers, outdoor backpacks are the rarest and most commonly used. Usually 60-75 liters, there is a metal frame design inside, filling a lot of things without collapsing on the shoulders. The waistband is designed to be wide, thick and large enough to fit the current external frame structure, which can share the force of the shoulders on the position of the waist above the hips. The details of each brand are slightly different, but roughly the opposite, suitable for people who travel for more than one week.  4, adventure backpack    the top outdoor backpack, essential for flatland adventures. It has the ordinary volume of a giant in an outdoor backpack, usually 75-125 liters, and can be installed in tents, pots, and stoves. The advice of professionals is that the filling weight should not exceed 40% of the carrier's body weight. In the design, there are a lot of external professional climbing equipment centers. In addition, the materials of the fasteners and other parts are extremely demanding in terms of cold resistance and toughness. The expensive center is full of details.  5. Technical backpack    The type of backpack preferred by climbers or skiers. In the design, there are a lot of ropes, hanging buckles, powder bags, and even ice axes for central placement and external climbing. The appearance is characterized by narrow and long, pursuit of convenience.  6, sports backpack  This kind of bag is usually not very big, the purpose is only to carry common items. The highlight is that there is a special compartment to place the water bag, and the shoulder strap has a common fixing and hanging design for the straw. In addition, the size is exquisite, the pursuit of light weight, sweat wicking, and breathability. Suitable for people who like skateboarding, skiing, running, and cycling, so this kind of backpack is also commonly known as a cycling backpack. More information is in the luggage! If you need to customize outdoor backpacks, you can directly call our official website toll-free nationwide. Our luggage factory was established in 2004 and has 15 years of experience in making luggage, whether it is hiking bags, outdoor backpacks, sports bags Etc., we all accept drawings and samples to design, strength guarantee, worth your trust!
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