What are the briefcase materials

by:Evercredit     2021-03-21
For men in the workplace, in addition to ensuring that they wear fashionable clothes every day, they must also pay attention to matching a generous and practical briefcase. A briefcase of outstanding quality can instantly enhance the image of men and help you better at work. Win the trust of customers. So, what are the materials of the briefcase? Let’s take a look with the author of the bag below!   1. Genuine leather is the most common material for high-end briefcases, especially cowhide. The texture of briefcases made of leather Very good, the quality is also very strong, and will not appear peeling or fading with the use of time, the price of leather briefcases is also very considerable, especially the briefcases of well-known brands, which are often used by others. As a status symbol. But the maintenance of leather material is not a simple matter, and it is easy to be damaged if you don't pay attention to it.  2, PU leather    PU leather is also called synthetic leather or artificial leather. This material is not made of real leather, but is made of resin, chemical fiber, etc. After PU leather is processed, its appearance and feel are comparable to real leather. The biggest advantage of the Pu leather material is that it is cheap and has many patterns, but the Pu leather is not wear-resistant and will fade and peel off after a long time, which affects the user's image and temperament.  3. Canvas    Canvas material can make a variety of shapes than leather material, and most of all kinds of leisure handbags are made of this material. Canvas can be modified through printing, painting and embroidery to make the surface of the bag more beautiful. Advantages: tough and foldable, waterproof, clear texture, many patterns. Disadvantages: not easy to clean, thick and heavy. The texture of the briefcase made of canvas is not as good as the leather and pu leather materials, and it is not easy to match the daily outfit. Therefore, most people will not choose the briefcase made of canvas.  4, nylon    nylon is a high-grade composite chemical fiber material, its breathability, lightness, abrasion resistance and water resistance are very good; therefore nylon is often used to make sports or outdoor handbags. Advantages: strong and wear-resistant, light weight, elastic, breathable, waterproof, disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, pilling after a long time.  Customized briefcase, please look for the luggage! Luggage is a comprehensive production-oriented enterprise mainly engaged in professional design, production, customized sales of various luggage, leather goods and products. From planning, design, proofing, material selection, production, processing, distribution, after-sales, invoicing, etc., to serve customers throughout the process. With real prices, excellent quality, and good reputation, it has won praise in the industry and is a trusted manufacturer of luggage !
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