What are backpack buckles and what types are there?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: What is the backpack buckle? What are the types?   Answer: Backpack buckle is also called ladder buckle, third gear buckle, fourth gear buckle. It is also an indispensable part of the backpack. Generally used in the backpack to tighten the webbing. For example, a four-stop buckle is generally used at the lower end of the strap. Because the buckle has a self-locking function, the height of the strap can be adjusted appropriately. The principle of    buckle is the same, the raw material is basically Nylon or Acetal, but there is a little difference in appearance or self-locking system. Now introduce several commonly used and representative buckles.  1, Evil eye Tensionlock (Evil eye Tensionlock)    This kind of buckle has two holes at the lower end, which is the origin of its name. This kind of buckle has strong tension, high tightness angle and enlarged gap, which is convenient for thicker webbing. The two small holes in the lower part can pass through a 1/8-inch rope, and you can wear a rope sleeve when wearing gloves. This kind of buckle is widely used to connect straps and topis. The side drawstrings of some bags also use this kind of buckle.  2, Duckbill Tensionlock (Duckbill Tensionlock)   The origin of the name of the duckbill button is also related to the shape. The finger pressing part of the head of this kind of buckle looks like a duckbill. This design makes it easy to loosen the webbing with your thumb.  3, Standard Tensionlock (Standard Tensionlock)    Listen to the name, you can know that this is the most basic and standard buckle. The head end of the standard buckle is generally flat, which is the biggest difference from the shape of the duckbill buckle.  4, Mojave Tensionlock (Mojave Tensionlock)    Mohabi should be a self-locking technology. There are also Mohabi buckles. The self-locking ability of this kind of buckle is very strong. The picture on the left is a standard Mohabi buckle. Its shape is similar to the standard buckle, the Mohabi buckle has a certain arc, and each gear is relatively thick. The comprehensive high elasticity design makes the release angle of the webbing better than other similar products. In order to facilitate the use when wearing gloves, Mohabi buckle also has a product with a hole at the end. In addition, the Mohabi buckle has a replaceable buckle. This kind of buckle can be conveniently buckled to the webbing, which is convenient for installation, repair and replacement.
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