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Trolley case to buy 20 or 24 inches is practical

by:Evercredit     2021-03-19
Is it practical to buy a 20-inch trolley case or a 24-inch trolley? This is a problem that many people are entangled when buying a trolley case. They want to buy a 20-inch lighter, but they are afraid that they can’t fit their own luggage. I can’t pull it, so I don’t know which size to buy. Today, let the author sort out some relevant knowledge about 20-inch and 24-inch trolley cases. I hope to help you buy the right trolley. box.   It is practical to buy 20 or 24 trolley cases. We must first understand how big these two sizes of cases are, so that we can buy a suitable trolley case according to our luggage requirements. The size of a 20-inch trolley case is generally 34cm in length, 50cm in height, and 20cm in width. This size trolley case can be boarded without checking in. Basically, you can bring 4-6 sets of spring and autumn clothes plus some toiletries, which is more suitable for one. A short business trip or travel for 3-7 days.   The size of a 24-inch trolley case is generally 42cm in length, 68cm in height, and 26cm in width. A trolley case of this size must be checked in if you are flying, and the capacity of the 24-inch case is relatively large, which is more suitable for a family of three to travel for 5-9 days, and it is suitable for both long and short distances. Due to the large capacity, the weight of the 24-inch trolley case is very heavy when it is full. Generally, it is not recommended to buy a 24-inch trolley case when traveling, unless you need to carry a lot of luggage. Of course, if you want to go shopping abroad, then a large-capacity trolley case is indispensable.  The size of the trolley case is generally calculated based on the sum of the three sides of the length, width and height. Different manufacturers, different styles, and different methods have different sizes, but they are not much different. As for whether the trolley case can be carried on the plane, it is important to look at the sum of the three sides. As long as the sum of the three sides does not exceed 115cm, you can carry it on the plane. If it exceeds, it depends on the environment. Generally speaking, the size of suitcases that can be carried on the plane should be less than 22 inches! And the size of the trolley suitcase checked is also specified, generally the sum of the three sides does not exceed 158CM. Therefore, when you buy a trolley case, you must choose a suitable trolley case according to your luggage volume and travel mode.   The trolley case you purchased is not unique enough, and the airport is easy to get the wrong luggage. It is better to try personalized customization, exclusive design scheme, exclusive customization. Your trolley case will be the only one among the crowd, so don't worry about crashing. Customized trolley cases, look for customized luggage manufacturers! Luggage has been established for 14 years, not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and workshops, complete production equipment, but also has professional Ru0026D designers and skilled craftsmen, trolley cases Quality is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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