The quality of customized fabrics for luggage and bags depends on which points

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
There are many kinds of fabrics to choose from for luggage customization. The texture and price of different fabrics are very different. The quality of the luggage products made will also vary due to the difference in materials, but without exception, it is necessary to make high-quality products. When choosing fabrics, we must pay attention to the quality of the luggage products. Only high-quality fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship can make good luggage products. So, what are the quality of the customized fabrics for luggage? Let’s take a look at what the luggage manufacturers say. 1. The texture of the fabric The texture of the fabric can be felt by the touch. Good fabrics feel very delicate, warm and comfortable to the touch, and will use natural drape when hanging. The denser the texture of the fabric is more obvious. , The better abrasion resistance. 2. Luggage fabrics with good fabric gloss will have a soft brightness that is different from oily gloss under the light. Different fabrics have different glossiness. The density of nylon fabrics is relatively thick and obvious, so the gloss is compared with other cloth fabrics. Be brighter; the leather itself is reflective, so the gloss will be higher.  3, fabric weight and taste    good fabric weight is generally lighter. Cloth fabrics (nylon, polyester, canvas) are light and soft, easy to sew and cut, and easy to carry. However, it seems that the heavier the leather, the more real it is. The general test is to see if the leather has a taste. A good leather has no taste.  4. Fabric elasticity   The fabric itself has very good elasticity and reducibility, and it can be restored to flatness without wrinkles when rubbed together by hand. This test is most suitable for dermis, the elastic one is dermis.  5, the fabric value    can refer to the wool fiber diameter in microns, the smaller the value, the better. Kiton fabrics start from 14 microns, and the top fabrics can reach 11 points a few microns. The above is a brief description about the quality of luggage fabrics. If you want to customize high-quality luggage products, the choice of fabrics is very important. If you do not know anything about the fabrics when customizing luggage, you can follow up to consult the luggage manufacturer, we will Seriously answer for you. For luggage customization, please look for customized luggage manufacturers. The customization of luggage products is made of high-quality fabrics. Good products are derived from good fabrics. Luggage is a luggage manufacturer integrating luggage design and development, processing customization, and independent sales. It has been committed to more than ten years. Customized for backpacks, computer bags, travel bags, trolley bags, etc., with a complete range of products, it is a high-quality manufacturer of corporate backpack customization!
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