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The price of customized tool bags is not high

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
As the name suggests, tool bags are bags designed for loading and protecting tools. Due to the wide variety of tools and equipment, different tools and equipment are suitable for different loading bags, and the tool bags on the market are often of uniform specifications. It is not suitable for all tools and equipment, therefore, most tool cases and bags are tailor-made. When it comes to tool luggage customization, the price is definitely an inevitable issue. Many people are more concerned about the high price of tool luggage customization? Let’s listen to what the luggage author’s answer to this question is. The author of the luggage answered: the price of tool luggage customization cannot be generalized, and the customized prices of different tool luggage vary greatly. Generally speaking, the main factors for tool luggage customization are as follows:   1. , The materials used are also different. Common tool bags on the market are made of canvas, cow-based cloth, nylon or some EVA hard shell materials. Conventional tool bags can be made of cloth materials, but for some high prices and not For drop-resistant precision instruments and tools, it is necessary to choose compression-resistant and drop-resistant hard shell materials to better protect the safety of the tools in the box. The price of cloth materials is much lower than that of hard shell materials. Therefore, when customizing tool bags, you must choose the right material according to the characteristics of the tool. 2. Quantity Every luggage manufacturer has a minimum order quantity for luggage customization, and tool kits are no exception. Generally speaking, the more customized tool luggage, the lower the price. After all, a manufacturer must survive, not only for production Costs and labor costs are paid for, as well as for the energy invested, and instrument kits generally need to go through design, proofing and other processes. Therefore, manufacturers will quote according to the quantity customized by the customer. The more the quantity, the more affordable the price. 3. The complexity of the style tool bag style is also an important factor in the manufacturer's quotation, because the craftsmanship used in the production of different styles is different. The more complex the style, the more elaborate the production process, the longer the production time and the production cost. The higher it is, and vice versa, the lower the production cost. Customized tool bags are produced according to customer needs. If customers want more fully functional tool bags, the production cost will be higher, and the manufacturer's price will naturally increase. Tool bags are special bags, which are mainly used to store various equipments. They require reasonable layout, powerful storage functions, and easy to carry. Only in this way can they help users complete work tasks faster, better, safer, and more conveniently. .   Toolkit manufacturers can find custom luggage manufacturers. Luggage customization manufacturers have their own Ru0026D teams and manufacturers, and cooperate with well-known companies such as Baidu, TCL, CNOOC, Kehui Medical, Johnson u0026 Johnson, and foreign companies commonly used in medical equipment kits. I believe that they can bring you good tools. Package production and customized services.
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