The company has to be anxious to customize the backpack. Can it be customized within 5 days?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-30
Answer: Yes, if the customer chooses the stock style backpack that the manufacturer has, 5 days is enough. Taking luggage as an example, the spot backpack is to select some backpack styles that are more popular with most customers in the year. It is exclusively produced in response to the small number of customizations and urgent goods required by customers. The style, size, and material of the spot backpack are all It cannot be changed, but laser laser technology can be used on the backpack hardware signs to print the logo or text information that the custom party needs to print, which can meet a propaganda need of the custom party to customize the backpack. You can’t change anything on the spot backpack. You can only use the hardware sign laser to laser the information that the customer wants. After the packaging is complete, it can be shipped. It is very convenient and fast. If the quantity is large, it can be shipped within one or two days. If the quantity is small, half a day is enough. Therefore, for customers who are in a hurry or have a small number of customizations, it is a very good choice to choose the stock style backpack that the manufacturer has. However, if a customer wants to customize a brand new backpack, 5 days is not enough. The normal backpack production customization process starts with early communication, proofing confirmation, material procurement, mass production, late shipment, etc., and overall production customization. The cycle is generally about 15-20 days, and it is impossible to customize a brand new backpack in 5 days. This is also a reminder to friends, if you need to customize your backpack, you must leave enough time for customization to avoid delaying your own affairs!
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