Sterilization and disinfection of UVC UV disinfection package takes only 3 minutes

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, in order to prevent virus infection, persistence in disinfection work has become one of the daily tasks of the public. When it comes to daily sterilization and disinfection, different disinfection methods require different materials, time, and sterilization effects. Today, I will tell everyone about sterilization and disinfection. UVC ultraviolet disinfection kit only takes 3 minutes. Let’s learn about it. Right. UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag is a newly developed bag for luggage. It mainly adopts UVC LED sterilization technology from aerospace science and technology. It has 12 built-in UVC LED lamp beads, which can emit UVC ultraviolet light in 360° surround mode, and UVC ultraviolet light directly irradiates items. After the surface, it can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of the microorganisms on the surface of the article, so that the bacteria can die or cannot reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization. More importantly, the UVC ultraviolet disinfection kit takes only 3 minutes to achieve a powerful sterilization and disinfection effect of 99.9%. The sterilization effect of the UVC ultraviolet disinfection kit has been tested and certified by the Microbiological Testing Center, and the test results are true. Effective, everyone can rest assured. Compared with traditional disinfection methods such as sun exposure and boiling water disinfection, the applicability, convenience, sterilization effect, and time required for sterilization of UVC UV disinfection kits are much better. Therefore, once this UVC UV disinfection kit is launched, it will It has been favored by many consumers. UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag, whether it is for home life or travel and commuting equipment, this type of disinfection bag is a very good choice. All items that can be exposed to the sun can be sterilized and disinfected, such as underwear, mobile phones, masks, baby toys, Milk bottles and even fresh fruits and vegetables can be put in for sterilization, but please note that because the sterilization bag contains electronic components, do not place damp or watery items during use, so as not to damage the sterilization bag and affect it. use. Key points!!! Recently, relevant studies have proved that UVC LED technology has an inactivating effect on the new crown pneumonia virus, and to a certain extent, it can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus. This UVC ultraviolet disinfection package is equipped for special epidemic prevention periods. It takes three minutes to prevent virus infection and give yourself and your family more intimate health and safety care.
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