Scientific anti-epidemic artifact recommendation-foldable and sterilizable UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
Since the development of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, its powerful infectious power has made the whole world dare not look down on it. I thought that with the gradual control of the epidemic in my country, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being, but based on the rebound of the epidemic in Beijing, Urumqi, Hong Kong, Dalian and other places some time ago, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a long way to go! The prevention and control of the epidemic requires the joint efforts of everyone to actively prevent and kill the epidemic daily to prevent virus infection. Today, Luggage will introduce to you a scientific anti-epidemic artifact-a foldable and sterilizable UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag. Let’s get to know it together.   The new crown pneumonia epidemic that has swept the world has really drastically changed people's hygiene habits. Before, many people didn't care much about the disinfection of personal and household items, but now they can't wait to disinfect them inside and out. At a time when the epidemic has not been fully controlled, the work of sterilization and disinfection cannot be slackened.   During the epidemic, many people have sterilization items such as alcohol and disinfectant in their homes, but the daily sterilization and disinfection of certain small objects and electronic products is not suitable for alcohol, disinfectant and other liquid items to sterilize and disinfect. At this time, the foldable and sterilizable UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag comes in handy. This folding UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag is developed based on exclusive research and development under the new crown pneumonia epidemic. It adopts the UVC LED sterilization technology derived from aerospace science and technology. It has 9 built-in UVC LED ultraviolet lamp beads, which can emit UVC ultraviolet light at 360° to form a whole The azimuth'UVC sterilization array' can quickly kill 99.9% of common pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus in just three minutes, and has a certain inactivation effect on the new crown pneumonia virus , To a certain extent, it can effectively kill the new crown pneumonia virus. (Research by Viosys and SETi in Seoul, South Korea has confirmed that the use of UVC LED technology can kill 99.9% of the new coronavirus within 30 seconds)    We in life, when we go out and go home every day, we take alcohol and disinfectant spray here and there Spraying is very troublesome. If you have this folding UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag, put the items that need to be disinfected directly, connect the power supply, and turn it on with one key. The sterilization and disinfection work can be completed in three minutes, which is very convenient. More importantly, the sterilization rate of this disinfection kit is as high as 99.9%, which is unattainable by other disinfection methods. For example, the masks you take when you go out are put in a disinfection bag after you use them up. After 3 minutes, you can take out a new mask. It saves masks and money. The key is to protect our health like a patron saint.   This folding UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag has a wide range of uses. All items that can be exposed to the sun can be sterilized and sterilized, such as mobile phones, hand, Ipad, baby bottles, underwear and other items can be sterilized and sterilized.   This folding UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag also has a folding function. The volume after folding is only about one-fourth of the volume before folding. Whether it is put in a bag, a suitcase or daily storage, it takes up very little space. The power adapter of this disinfection kit is very wide. The ordinary mobile power supply can start the disinfection and disinfection with one button. It is not restricted by weather, place, time and other factors. It is really not too convenient to use!
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