[Schoolbag customization] What are the quotation methods for schoolbag customization

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
What are the quotation channels for schoolbag customization? There are many quotation channels for schoolbag customization. The final price of schoolbags may be different according to different quotation channels. Below, I will tell you what are the quotation channels for schoolbag customization. Let’s learn about it. Right. 1. Looking at pictures and quoting. Many schoolbag customization customers do not have a schoolbag model themselves, so they will find the style of schoolbag they like, and then send the picture of the schoolbag to the manufacturer to request a quotation. The quotation can be made by viewing the picture, and the manufacturer can generally give the customer an estimate. But the exact price cannot be given, because the material of the school bag, some details, etc. cannot be determined by looking at the picture quotation, so that only an approximate price can be estimated to the customer, which may be very different from the final product price , Is not accurate. Therefore, it is not recommended for customers to use this quotation method.   2, sample quotation refers to the case that the customer already has a sample bag, and the customer sends the sample bag to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will follow the actual situation of the sample bag. According to the situation, the price of materials, accessories, dimensions, workmanship and other parts can be checked, and then accurate prices can be given to customers. The price obtained by the sample quotation is accurate. If there is no other modification, the price of the sample quotation is basically the final In this way, it also avoids the big difference in the quotation. 3. Proofing quotation This is mainly for customers who do not have a sample package. Without a sample package, the manufacturer cannot give an accurate price. The direct method is to make a sample quotation. According to the picture or design drawing of the schoolbag, the manufacturer will print a complete sample. The final product price can be calculated according to the cost of proofing, and the price given by the proofing quotation is also very accurate. For schoolbag customization, please look for luggage! Luggage is a professional luggage custom manufacturer, established in 2004, has more than ten years of experience in the design and production of schoolbags, can be customized according to drawings and samples, or customized brand schoolbags for you all year round Major schools provide customized branded schoolbags and are your trustworthy schoolbag factory.
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