School is about to start, is there still time for custom schoolbags?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
There are only 11 days left before the start of the fall semester of 2019, and the popular topic of schoolbag customization has gradually come to an end. However, due to certain factors, some customers have not been able to customize the schoolbags they want in time. Therefore, this part of customers is relatively more. Curious, school is about to start, is there still time for custom schoolbags? Let's listen to how the luggage manufacturers answer this question. There is a certain period of time for schoolbag customization. If the schoolbag is customized at this node, it is estimated that the goods will not be available before the start of school, because the entire schoolbag customization process has gone down, from style determination, quotation, proofing, sourcing, production, etc. A series of processes, the fastest time is 10-15 days, so if the customer wants to customize the school bag, there is a little delay in the time. Of course, at this time, the customer can also communicate with the manufacturer in detail, or ask the manufacturer for help. It is also possible to work overtime and to rush out the schoolbags as soon as possible. You must get the schoolbag before school starts. What should you do if time is too late? Customers can choose the manufacturer’s spot schoolbags. The spot schoolbags are made by the manufacturer choosing one or two popular styles from the products of the year and keep them for sale. The quality is generally not bad, but in order to reduce inventory, there will not be many styles of spot schoolbags to choose from. In general, spot schoolbags can be laser LOGO up, and the production cycle is between 3-7 days. For customers who are more urgent or have a small number of customers, spot schoolbags are a very good choice. Student schoolbag customization, luggage manufacturers are worth choosing. Luggage has many years of experience in schoolbag customization. It provides schoolbag customization services for all kinds of schools and gift organizations all year round. The schoolbag products produced are in line with the QB/T1333-2018 standard. Visible strength and service ,trustworthy.
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