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Precautions for novices to purchase outdoor backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-23
In today's society, more and more people like to participate in various activities. To successfully complete outdoor activities, proper equipment is essential. Among them, outdoor backpacks are indispensable in outdoor activities. Today , The author of the luggage will tell you about the precautions for novices to purchase outdoor backpacks. Let’s learn about it together, and hope to help you choose a more suitable backpack.  1. What activities to participate in  Before buying a backpack, determine the activities you want to participate in. Because even the same brand can be divided into many types. The few are divided into trekking bags and mountaineering bags, and the more are divided into summit bags, ski backpacks, travel bags, urban leisure, rock climbing bags and so on. Generally speaking, lightweight backpacks are suitable for trekking, camping, and short-term crossing activities. They are light weight and simple in design. This type of backpack is a good choice when the load does not exceed 4 to 5 jin. The heavy-duty backpack is just the opposite. It is suitable for high-altitude mountaineering, long-distance crossing and other activities. More consideration in the design is the carrying performance under load, but it tends to have a higher self-weight. If the funds are not tight, of course, buy a few more backpacks to suit different activities. If you only want to buy one backpack, you must figure out what you need and what activities you want to participate in, and then decide.  2. Investment of funds  After determining their participation in the activity, consider how much money they are prepared to invest. When conditions permit, you must buy as good an expensive backpack as possible, after all, but nowadays outdoor equipment is indeed what you pay for.  3, materials, workmanship, design  When the brand or style has been selected, look at its material, workmanship, and design. On the material. One can ask the clerk at the outdoor store, and the other can rely on your own experience. Backpack materials are basically divided into fabrics, zippers, fasteners, webbing, belts or shoulder strap padding, etc.; the workmanship is up to you to see. If a backpack has uneven lines and more threads, it may be difficult to make You have strong confidence in it; then there is design. A good bag is mostly humanized in design. Take a closer look at whether the bag you want to buy can satisfy you.  4. Try back    After reading the above, you may have already determined the backpack you want to buy. Either one or several models, well, it's time to try the back. No matter how much the backpack you are buying satisfies you, if it is uncomfortable to carry, it is all empty talk. So I suggest that you must try the backpack before buying, and it is best to try a few more models and load heavy objects to try. Finally, no matter what kind of outdoor backpack, it must be arranged according to travel needs, according to the season, according to the content of the activity, according to whether you are camping, according to the size of your outdoor equipment, according to the travel environment, and fully consider the replacement of equipment and the increase or decrease of clothing during the activity. Wait. If you need to customize outdoor backpacks, you can choose luggage regardless of the type of outdoor backpack!    luggage has been established for more than 14 years, with rich experience in luggage and bags, is a professional outdoor backpack customization manufacturer, customers can provide versions or samples, or Choose our company's existing version or sample, or we can design another version according to customer requirements. We will provide customers with high-quality luggage customization services, make renderings, and then put into production, and truly create value for customers!
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