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Points to note when designing and customizing backpacks

by:Evercredit     2021-03-24
In the personalized backpack customization industry, many customers seek to be unique and require manufacturers to design a backpack exclusively for themselves, and then conduct proofing and production. Backpack design customization is a little more difficult. Therefore, during the early communication, the customizing party and the manufacturer have to communicate in detail. Below, the bag author will tell everyone about the points that should be paid attention to when designing and customizing the backpack. Let’s understand it together. Understand it. 1. Does the manufacturer have a professional design and Ru0026D team? Backpack design customization is not so easy. A brand-new design of a new backpack product is a very high test for the strength of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer does not have a professional design and development team, then the backpack There is no way to talk about design customization. Therefore, if the customization party wants to design a customized backpack, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the manufacturer has such strength when choosing a manufacturer. 2. The communication must be close. Whether the manufacturer designs the backpack style according to the customer's intention or the customer has the backpack design drawing, both parties must communicate closely in this process, especially about the backpack style and related materials, craftsmanship and so on. , Proceed until both parties are satisfied, so as to avoid that the backpack that is proofed will not meet the requirements of the customer, which is not good for both parties. 3. The design cost should be understood clearly in advance. For most luggage manufacturers, it is possible to design free luggage for customers. However, in order to prevent the loss of resources, a certain design fee must be charged in the early stage of the design. According to the difficulty of the design, When the customer places an order, a certain amount of deposit will be returned. If the design is relatively simple, most manufacturers will return the deposit in full. Regarding this cost issue, it is best for you to understand it clearly in advance to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. In addition, the luggage styles designed by the manufacturer are copyrighted, and customers should not use the design drawings indiscriminately. The manufacturer will also sign related contracts with the customer before helping to design to ensure their rights.   Want to design customized fashion bags, I recommend bags. Luggage is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production and sales of luggage, providing domestic and foreign customers with personalized luggage customization services such as design customization, production OEM, OEM and ODM. In more than ten years, more than 3,200 corporate groups, such as Huawei, ZTE, Baidu, Lianjia, etc., have won the recognition and praise of customers!
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