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Pay attention to the details of gift briefcase customization

by:Evercredit     2021-03-23
Near the end of the year, the customization of gift briefcases has also become popular, and many companies have chosen custom briefcases as gifts for the annual meeting. Briefcase is a very practical existence for professionals. Today, the author of luggage and bags will tell everyone that the details of gift briefcase customization should be paid attention to. Let's learn about it together.  1. The appearance style of the briefcase   When customizing a business gift briefcase, the style design of the briefcase should meet the aesthetic requirements of business people. Generally speaking, business people prefer dark-colored briefcases, which can support their stability and keep up with fashion trends.  2, the use function of the briefcase   Customized briefcase should not only consider the appearance style, but also pay attention to the use function of the briefcase. Custom-made business gift briefcases should pay attention to the size selection to meet the storage of various office supplies. If you need to travel frequently, you should also consider the storage of clothes to increase the size of the briefcase.  3. Briefcase production technology  Gift briefcases have higher quality requirements. In addition to style design and size, attention should be paid to the production process. Only with superb craftsmanship can the whole package be cost-effective. The quality of the briefcase determines its service life and the durability of promotion.  Customized business gift briefcase to find suitcases, we are a professional briefcase customization manufacturer, which can improve high-quality briefcase customization services, rich production experience, and has an excellent design team. We are a trusted partner manufacturer.
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