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[Luggage Factory] What requirements does the luggage factory have for custom luggage

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
What are the requirements of the luggage factory for customized luggage? This question is for customers who have luggage customization needs. It is necessary to understand clearly in advance, so that they can prepare in advance and also facilitate finding the right manufacturer. Below, the luggage manufacturers will tell you what the luggage manufacturers have for custom luggage. 1. Luggage customization category requirements Luggage factories are the collective name of luggage manufacturers. Since the production equipment of boxes and backpacks is completely different, luggage factories can be divided into box manufacturers and bag manufacturers. Generally speaking, they produce boxes. Most manufacturers do not produce backpacks and bag manufacturers do not produce boxes and bags. However, some large comprehensive luggage factories will produce luggage and bags due to their extensive business. However, there are very few such comprehensive manufacturers. Therefore, when customizing luggage, you must pay attention Find the corresponding manufacturer according to your own customization type. 2. The minimum order quantity requirements luggage customization process is more complicated. A series of processes such as preliminary communication, proofing, material collection, production, shipment, etc. will not be changed due to the customized quantity. Therefore, in order to save various costs and expenses, a lot of luggage Manufacturers have relevant regulations for the minimum order quantity. If the customer's customized quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer will generally choose not to take the order. Therefore, it is important to know the minimum order quantity of the luggage manufacturer in advance to find a suitable manufacturer.  Luggage factory does not have many requirements for customized luggage. Most of the time, it is based on customer requirements. However, for certain requirements of the manufacturer, customers should also understand when customizing luggage, so that the cooperation between the two parties will be smoother. The luggage factory chooses, the luggage is trustworthy. Luggage is a professional luggage manufacturer focusing on OEM and ODM of luggage for more than ten years. It has been committed to OEM and ODM of luggage products, providing professional personalized customization services, and can design customized styles according to customer requirements, change materials or colors, and control Production cost, tailor-made luggage products that meet their own needs for customers!
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