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Luggage customization small class-those things about luggage proofing

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
With regard to luggage customization, proofing is an important step that cannot be omitted. Only if the proofing samples can be recognized by customers, then can the customized manufacturers of luggage and bags take customer orders and proceed to order production. Today, the luggage manufacturers will talk to you about those things about luggage proofing. Customized luggage proofing is a direct manifestation of the strength of the luggage manufacturer. The proofing process is more complicated. The design style, material selection, pattern making, sewing, etc. all test the strength of the manufacturer and the bag manufacturer with good proofing ability. Luggage products can be deeply recognized and liked by customers. How does the proofing ability directly reflect the professionalism of the luggage manufacturer? Therefore, when customers choose a customized luggage manufacturer, if they have doubts about the manufacturer’s strength, they may wish to let the manufacturer make a sample first, so that Actually verify the strength of manufacturers.   It is worth noting that if the customer is sure to make a proof, the manufacturer will charge a certain amount of proofing deposit in the early stage, but most manufacturers will refund the proofing deposit in full or part after the customer places the order. For proofing, the manufacturer has to purchase the corresponding materials according to the customer's requirements, which will incur costs. If the customer does not place an order in the end, and the manufacturer gives the customer free proofing, the manufacturer will lose money. Therefore, most manufacturers in order to guarantee themselves If you are a manufacturer, I believe you can understand why the manufacturer charges a sample fee according to the samples requested by the customer. This is the case for    luggage, and the sample fee will be refunded after the customer places an order. Please look for the luggage for custom-made luggage! Luggage was established in 2004, specializing in custom-made gift luggage, can be customized with samples and drawings, timely proofing, punctual delivery, excellent workmanship, and credibility guarantee. To ensure product quality, gain the industry's recognition with integrity, strength and product quality, and win the trust of our customers!
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