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Luggage class-how many kilograms can a customized backpack carry

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
How many kilograms can a customized backpack carry? This problem is more common in customers who have customized backpacks and have load-bearing requirements for backpacks. Generally, tool backpacks are customized for customers. Tool backpacks are mainly used to equip and protect related tools and equipment, especially some cost If the high-precision instrument is damaged because the backpack cannot bear the weight, it will not be worth the loss. Therefore, the customer will pay special attention to the backpack load-bearing problem when consulting in the early stage. So, how many kilograms can a custom backpack carry? Let's listen to what the luggage manufacturer has to say about this issue. Regarding the question of how many kilograms a custom backpack can carry, it needs to be analyzed in detail, because different materials and different styles of backpacks have completely different load-bearing sizes. Take backpacks made of luggage as an example, they are made of common materials and styles. The load-bearing range of the backpack is about 5-10kg, and the load-bearing range of a backpack made of good materials can reach about 15-25KG. If it exceeds this load-bearing range, it is not suitable for backpacks, because the weight is too large and it is not portable. It is generally recommended Make a trolley case. It is worth noting that if a backpack wants to carry a heavy weight, it not only requires high production technology, but also requires high material quality. Generally, heavy materials are rarely sold in the market. Most of the time, we need to find fabric manufacturers for customization. Therefore, if a customer wants to customize a backpack with a relatively large load-bearing capacity, the manufacturer will generally not directly give the delivery time, because he has to confirm whether there are relevant materials on the market, so that he can accurately answer the delivery time question. Warm reminder, because the level of production technology of each manufacturer is different, not all manufacturers can make heavy-duty backpacks. When choosing a backpack custom manufacturer, customers must pay attention to understanding before placing an order, so as not to be time. It is not good to make a backpack with unqualified weight. Before placing an order, it is better to ask the manufacturer to issue a relevant load-bearing test report, just in case. Customized backpacks, please look for backpacks! The quality and delivery time are all assured. The backpack has been focusing on backpack customization for 15 years. It has a strong designer team and has long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic companies, including Gree, Baidu, Lianjia, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec, etc. Therefore, if you choose a manufacturer of custom-made shoulders, the backpack is a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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