It’s better to buy a trolley case for a few hundred yuan or a thousand yuan

by:Evercredit     2021-03-20
When it comes to buying trolley cases, many people are more entangled in the relationship between price and quality. They buy a trolley case for a few hundred yuan, but are afraid that the quality is not enough. Buy a trolley case for thousands of yuan. The price is really high. Then, Is it better to buy a trolley case of a few hundred yuan or a trolley case of thousands of yuan? Let’s listen to how the author of the luggage answered this question.   The price of the trolley case is actually different from person to person, according to the needs of users. If it does not meet the needs of users, no matter how high or low the price is, it is not good. If you don't usually use a trolley case, but only occasionally use it when traveling, then there is no need to buy a trolley case for several thousand yuan. Moreover, when buying a trolley case, in addition to considering the price, the following three factors must be taken into account:   1. What kind of material is the case? There are many kinds of materials for the trolley case. The more common materials are PC, ABS, and aluminum-magnesium alloy. , Oxford cloth, nylon cloth, etc., the quality of the trolley case made of these materials is relatively good, and the material is also a key factor in determining the service life of the trolley case. Therefore, when consumers buy a trolley case, they must Pay attention to choosing a more durable material. 2. How about the wheels of the trolley case. The reason why many people choose the trolley case as a container for traveling luggage is that the wheels on the trolley case are more convenient to travel, especially the current silent universal wheel, which is more worry-free when using the trolley case. Save effort. Therefore, no matter what price you buy, the quality of the wheels cannot be ignored. Generally, the wheels made of rubber are better than those made of plastic. 3. What kind of trolley case lock is the existence of trolley case locks can well protect the safety of the items in the box, and the safety factor of trolley case locks varies depending on the quality and type, and the trolley case locks are common on the market There are ordinary combination locks, padlocks, and customs locks. If you go abroad, the locks of the trolley boxes must be customs locks, otherwise you can’t leave the country. In terms of security, the security of padlocks and customs locks is Relatively high.   How much you buy for a trolley case depends mainly on the frequency of use, income level, preference, etc. of consumers. In any case, the one you like is the best. But everyone should consume rationally. It is recommended that you choose your favorite trolley box within the range of your own economic income. Trolley case customization, look for custom luggage manufacturers! Luggage has been established for 14 years, not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and layout rooms, complete production equipment, but also has professional Ru0026D designers and skilled craftsmen, trolley cases Quality is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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