It is easy to catch colds in the changing seasons. Keep UVC disinfection kits at home to care for your health and feel more at ease

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Unknowingly, time has entered autumn. When the seasons change every year, it is the time when various seasonal epidemic diseases such as colds and coughs are high. This year coincidentally encountered the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and everyone was a little worried about this disease with similar symptoms. In order to prevent bacterial infections and better care for the health of yourself and your family, it is recommended that you prepare a UVC foldable portable disinfection bag that can be used anytime and anywhere at home during the season. During the changing seasons, the elderly and children with relatively weak body resistance are most likely to be infected by bacteria, especially some toys, baby bottles, pacifiers and other items that children play with. If they are not disinfected in time, they are easy to breed bacteria. When children come into contact with germs on toys when they are playing, the germs will easily get in from the mouth, and the illness will affect their health. And if you have a UVC ultraviolet foldable portable disinfection bag at home, put your children’s toys, dishes, clothes and other items into the sterilization and disinfection on time every day. It only takes three minutes. UVC ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength can kill 99.9% of the large intestine. Bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus and other common pathogens provide safer and sterile health care for children. During the changing seasons, an important reason for the spread of viral diseases is cross-infection. If a person in the family comes into contact with germs but does not take timely measures, they will easily spread the germs to the family when they return home, such as masks, shoes, mobile phones, keys and other items. If the adhering bacteria are not sterilized in time, once the family members come into contact with the germs, they will easily get sick. Therefore, when you go home, you can use UVC ultraviolet foldable portable disinfection bag to sterilize these items to prevent germ infection. Luggage research and development UVC ultraviolet foldable portable disinfection bag, using the UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization technology derived from aerospace science and technology, using the broad spectrum of UVC deep ultraviolet sterilization, when UVC deep ultraviolet light irradiates the surface of the item, it can remove the microorganisms on the surface of the item. The molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cell is destroyed, causing growth cell death and (or) regenerative cell death, achieving the effect of sterilization and disinfection.   Due to the epidemic this year, going to the hospital is more troublesome. Therefore, during the changing season, in order to prevent bacterial infections and protect your health, all-round protection measures will be fully implemented. Seasonal health care, UVC ultraviolet foldable portable disinfection bag, you can always keep it at home more assured.   luggage research and development UVC ultraviolet foldable portable disinfection bag, scientific research on the growth environment of bacteria and viruses, to create a two-in-one disinfection, sterilization, and storage ultraviolet disinfection bag, which can effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria, mites and other microorganisms. At the same time, the disinfection bag is light, compact, easy to carry and foldable, and the volume after folding is only about a quarter of the size before folding. Whether it is used at home or traveling, it does not take up much space. The portability and practicality are very good, and it is very suitable for daily use. Various items are sterilized and disinfected to prevent germ infection and care for health.
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