Is there an additional charge for custom logo printing on backpacks?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-30
Q: Is there an additional charge for the custom logo printing of backpacks?    Answer: For backpack customization, the logo printing cost of conventional craftsmanship is generally included in the quotation given by the backpack manufacturer, and there is no additional charge. This conventional process refers to the logo printing process that does not require mold opening, such as silk screen, hot stamping, and embroidery. The production process of these conventional processes is not that difficult, the cost is not very high, and the cost of each customized package is not so high. Therefore, it is generally included in the manufacturer's quotation. Luggage hardware mold opening logo real map ▼   And if the logo printing involves the mold opening part, the mold opening cost has to be calculated separately. After all, the logo mold opening cost is relatively high, and the mold opening cost is charged by the mold manufacturer. Manufacturers don't account for a penny. Therefore, backpack manufacturers will not bear this part of the mold opening cost based on operating costs. Unless the number of customization by the customization party is very large and the manufacturer can balance the operating cost, the mold opening cost does not need to be borne by the customer. This situation is limited to mass customization. If the quantity is not enough for small batch customization, the cost of mold opening is high. The manufacturer is not Will bear the related costs.
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