Is there a fee for toolkit custom design?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-25
As the name implies, the tool kit is the packaging used for equipment and protection tools. There are many types of tools. Different tools are suitable for different tool kits due to their shapes, characteristics, and uses. The tool kit must fit the tools completely and fully protect the equipment. Function, basically one-to-one exclusive customization. And to customize a brand-new toolkit, in addition to looking for professional toolkit manufacturers, the manufacturer’s early stage is also indispensable for the drawing design of the toolkit. So, do you charge a fee for the custom design of the toolkit? What is the answer to this question? Toolkit custom design is not a very simple matter. If the manufacturer does not have a professional luggage designer, it is impossible to help customers design a complete toolkit design plan and drawings. The difficulty of toolkit design depends on the complexity of the tool. Depending on the circumstances, the manufacturer will incur corresponding manpower and material resources during the period. Therefore, if the customer asks the manufacturer to help design the relevant drawings of the toolkit, the manufacturer will charge a certain design fee according to the difficulty of the toolkit in order to protect its own interests. This is also to prevent some customers from placing orders without placing drawings. Manufacturers also set out for the purpose of protecting their own interests. Think about it in another way, and I believe everyone can understand it. Find a professional tool kit manufacturer to make tool kits, look for luggage, and luggage has been established for more than ten years, has been focusing on the research and development, design and production of luggage customization, not only has enough ability to customize professional tool kit products for customers, And it can also develop and design more cost-effective toolkits for customers. Powerful customized manufacturers, look for bags!
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