Is the 18-inch trolley case enough for a Mid-Autumn Festival?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
There are 38 days left before the countdown to the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019. Many people are already planning where they should go to play. During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, luggage and equipment are indispensable. So, for Mid-Autumn Festival trips, is the 18-inch trolley suitcase enough? Let’s listen Listen to how the luggage manufacturers answer this.   Regarding the Mid-Autumn Festival trip, whether the 18-inch trolley case is enough, everyone should pay attention to specific issues and analyze them in detail. The size of the 18-inch trolley case is about 46cm long, 21cm wide, and 38.5cm high. There is about 37 liters of space in the box. In the spring and autumn season, it can hold 3-5 sets of clothes and some toiletries for the next person. For individuals traveling during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, as long as the luggage is not particularly large, it is no problem to choose this size trolley suitcase for Mid-Autumn Festival trips. If there is a lot of luggage or a group of people traveling, this size The trolley case is not enough. It is recommended to choose a larger trolley case. The 18-inch trolley case is more suitable for personal use. The 18-inch trolley case is relatively small in size, so it is very portable. The 18-inch trolley case can be boarded directly without checking in. The above is a brief introduction about 'Is the 18-inch trolley suitcase enough for Mid-Autumn Festival?' Travel luggage is indispensable for the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. If you want to know more about travel luggage, you can check on the luggage website! Luggage since 2004 Since its establishment in 2016, it has been focusing on the research and development and production of luggage, and carefully crafted luggage that meets the favor of many small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a production-oriented enterprise with rich production experience. The products are of high quality, stylish design, environmentally friendly and durable. You can design and develop your own styles according to the actual needs of the company. Enterprises from all walks of life are welcome to customize!
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