Is it true that the UV disinfection kit has a sterilization rate of 99.9%?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-30
Question: Is the UV disinfection kit with a sterilization rate of 99.9% real?    Answer: It is real. Take the UVC UV disinfection package developed for luggage as an example. The disinfection package contains 12 UVC LED lamp beads, which can emit UVC ultraviolet light at 360°, forming an all-round'UVC sterilization array', which can quickly kill E. coli and white. Common pathogens such as Candida and Staphylococcus aureus have a sterilization rate of 99.9% within three minutes. The sterilization rate has been tested and certified by the Fujian Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center, and related test reports have been issued. The test results are true and effective, so you can use it with confidence. Luggage research and development UVC ultraviolet disinfection bag, suitable for a wide range of items, all items that can be exposed to the sun can be put into sterilization, such as underwear, mobile phones, masks, baby bottles, toys, fruits, etc., can all be put in for sterilization Disinfection, and the disinfection kit has a wide power adapter, and the general mobile power can be activated. It is not restricted by time, location, weather and other factors when used. Whether it is home life or travel and commute, this disinfection kit is rare Sterilization artifact.   More importantly, UVC ultraviolet rays have a certain inactivation effect on the new crown pneumonia virus, and to a certain extent can kill the new crown pneumonia virus, which can effectively prevent virus infection and protect health. So there is such a convenient, professional and effective uvc ultraviolet disinfection bag. Are you sure you don’t want to find out? Friends, if you want to know more about UVC ultraviolet disinfection bags, you can call the luggage free consultation hotline Or add business WeChat 13509667217, we are waiting for you at any time!
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