Is it too late to customize the year-end gift backpack?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-23
Is it still too late to customize the year-end gift backpack? This question is still more important for customers who have customized needs. Because the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, many luggage production factories have begun to have holidays one after another, so customers are more concerned. At this time, can you have time to place an order? For these questions, the author of the luggage will give you answers and answers. Let’s learn about them. The time is now approaching mid-January, and the end of the year is the peak production season for most luggage manufacturers. Many manufacturers’ production plans are full. Therefore, if you want to customize a batch of backpacks at this time, most manufacturers’ production plans are basically There is no space to arrange, so I will choose not to take orders. Moreover, in mid-January, the logistics of the whole country is basically out of service. Even if the manufacturer can take orders, but including the delivery time, wait until the goods are finished. , And there is no corresponding logistics to help with the delivery, so it is estimated that it is too late to customize the year-end gift backpack at this time. What should I do if it’s too late to customize the year-end gift backpack? Don’t worry, you can choose the manufacturer’s spot backpack for customization. Take luggage as an example. Every year, you will select some hot-selling styles to produce 1-5 models without LOGO. Support 20 MOQ. Customers can find their favorite styles in the luggage stock, and choose their favorite OEM styles for processing and customization. Generally, they can complete the bulk goods within 1-2 weeks after placing the order. The time is short, the brand effect is strong, and the cost is relatively low It is relatively low, so for customers who have a small number of customizations or are in a hurry, buying spot is a more cost-effective choice. For year-end gift backpack customization, please look for the luggage manufacturer. The luggage was established in 2004, specializing in the production of all kinds of backpacks, computer bags, travel bags and other conference gifts. All kinds of luggage are novel and unique in shape, and are deeply customized to meet the diverse personalized customization of customers. Demand! Attentive to achieve new ideas and intentions for you, to meet your special needs, with a complete quality control system, strict and responsible quality control personnel, good quality is trustworthy!
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