Is it too late to customize the annual meeting gift backpack?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-29
Question: Is it too late to customize a gift backpack for the annual meeting?    A: This year's Chinese New Year is relatively early, and the holiday time corresponding to backpack manufacturers will also be advanced. Now if you want to customize a batch of gift backpacks, time is too late. The end of the year is the peak season for gift backpack customization. Many manufacturers’ production plans are full. In addition, the overall production cycle for backpack customization is 15-20 days. In general, due to tight schedules and full queues, customers If you want to order goods before the year, most manufacturers will choose not to take orders. Moreover, in mid-January, the logistics of the whole country are basically out of service. Even if the manufacturer can take orders, but including the delivery time, when the goods are finished, there is no corresponding logistics to help deliver them, so at this time, the customized year-end For a gift backpack, it is probably too late. What should I do if it’s too late to customize the year-end gift backpack? Don’t worry, you can choose the manufacturer’s spot backpack for customization. Take luggage as an example. Every year, you will select some hot-selling styles to produce 1-5 models without LOGO. Support small batch order. Customers can find their favorite styles in the backpack stocks, and use laser technology to print their logos. After placing the order, they can usually complete the large-scale goods within 2-7 days. The time is short, the brand effect is strong, and the cost is relatively relatively speaking. Low, so, for customers who have a small number of customizations or are in a hurry, buying spot is a more cost-effective choice. Luggage 2019 new simple business backpack (spot style)    This simple business backpack is the main spot for luggage, supports small batch orders, can be laser LOGO, short production cycle, high cost performance, less or necessary for customization For customers who are more anxious, choosing a stock backpack is a very good choice. If you want to know the details of this stock, please call the free consultation hotline for luggage.
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