Is it good to choose Oxford cloth material for custom bags?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-27
One of the key points of customized luggage is the choice of material. The choice of material is directly related to the quality of the final luggage. Therefore, if the customized luggage is to be durable, the material selection must be carefully selected. So, is it okay to use Oxford cloth for custom luggage? Let’s listen to what the luggage manufacturer says. Oxford cloth is widely used in luggage customization. Oxford cloth is a versatile and versatile fabric. It has the advantages of light and thin texture, soft hand, good waterproofness, and good durability. Oxford cloth is very good for bags. , Is also very common. Bags made of Oxford cloth have the following advantages: '1, durable' Oxford cloth due to its own characteristics, can still maintain the original appearance after frequent and long-term use, without discoloration, deformation, etc.  2, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant    Oxford cloth itself has the characteristics of strong and toughness, so it is very wear-resistant and scratch-resistant during use, and is generally not prone to scratches, abrasions, etc. This feature also guarantees product quality.  3, not easy to deform,    the strength of Oxford cloth fabrics generally does not change with changes in external conditions, so it is not easy to change. If you choose Oxford cloth for backpacks, the bag is more stiff and stylish, and it looks more high-end and texture.  The five major fabric varieties of Oxford cloth bags are Grid, Nylon, Full Stretch, Tigri and Weft. If you want to know more about the fabric knowledge of the bags, you can directly call to consult the bags, and the customer service of the bags will answer you throughout the process!
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