Is it good to choose leather material for luggage customization?

by:Evercredit     2021-03-23
Leather is a very high-end material of luggage materials. Because the raw materials of leather materials are scarce and the processing methods are more complicated, the price of luggage made of leather materials is not low, so many people will wonder if the price is high. Is your leather luggage good? Let’s take a look at how the luggage looks on this issue.  Leather material refers to the raw material made from the skin of a certain animal. Common leather materials include cowhide, crocodile skin, and pig skin. The luggage made of leather material has a very good texture, and the feeling is relatively high-end, and the quality of the leather material is better, even if it is used for a long time, it will not show the peeling and fading phenomenon of artificial leather. It is more suitable for professionals in the workplace. For formal occasions, many international big-name bags on the market are hand-made with genuine leather materials. Although the quality of bags made of leather is good, there are also some shortcomings in leather. First of all, the raw materials of leather are relatively rare. Therefore, the price of materials is relatively high. For ordinary enterprises, it is necessary to budget Under limited conditions, it is basically impossible to customize leather bags in large quantities. After all, high costs can overwhelm everything. Secondly, the leather material has strict requirements in the use process, and it should not be rubbed, sprayed, contacted with corrosive items, etc. Otherwise, the bag will be deformed or damaged, which will affect the use. Furthermore, leather materials require relatively high processing technology, and generally require pure hand-made, while ordinary manufacturers cannot afford to consume this manpower and material resources, raw materials are rare, and the processing technology is complex, so the cost is also very high and not suitable for large quantities. Production, ordinary consumers can not afford the price of leather bags. Therefore, if you want to customize luggage, it is recommended to choose more cost-effective artificial PU, Oxford cloth, nylon and other materials. The luggage made of these materials is also relatively common on the market, and the appearance, style, and quality are also good. Suitable for professionals.
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