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How to take protective measures when the schoolbag is overloaded

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
In today's society, it is normal for primary and middle school students to carry overweight schoolbags. Many adults find it difficult to carry the weight of schoolbags. What's more, for primary and secondary school students who are still growing and developing. If children carry overweight schoolbags for a long time, they will more or less. It has a certain impact on physical health. For the sake of children's health, when facing the situation of overloading schoolbags, parents must find a way. So, how to take protective measures when the schoolbag is overloaded? Let's listen to what the luggage manufacturers say. Faced with the situation of over-burdened schoolbags, the most fundamental way is to reduce the amount of books and materials carried. However, as far as Chinese education is concerned, it is impossible. Since children must have various materials when they go to school, parents You can protect the children's health from the following aspects. 1. Purchasing high-quality schoolbags When purchasing schoolbags, you should choose a high-quality schoolbag with a wide back, a belt, a moderate volume, and a double shoulder. The shoulder straps of the schoolbag should be wide and wide. This is also easy to explain. We have all carried schoolbags. If the shoulder straps If it is very narrow, plus the weight of the schoolbag, it is easy to hurt your shoulders if you carry it on the body for a long time; the shoulder straps should be wide, which helps reduce the pressure on the shoulders caused by the schoolbag, and can evenly distribute the weight of the schoolbag; and it is equipped with soft The padded shoulder straps can reduce the strain on the trapezius muscle caused by the schoolbag. If the shoulder straps are too young, the trapezius muscles will be more prone to fatigue. Schoolbags should be equipped with belts. Previous schoolbags rarely have such belts. Using belts can make the schoolbag closer to the back and unload the weight of the schoolbag evenly on the waist bone and the disc bones. Moreover, the belt can fix the schoolbag at the waist, prevent the schoolbag from swinging, disperse the pressure on the spine and shoulders, and protect the children's health. When parents buy schoolbags for their children, they should pay attention to whether the size of the schoolbag is suitable for the height of the child. Consider the small schoolbag and choose the smallest schoolbag that can hold your child's books and stationery. Generally speaking, the schoolbag should not be wider than the child's body; when you carry it on your body, the bottom of the schoolbag should not be lower than the child's waist 10 cm. When carrying the schoolbag, the top of the schoolbag should not be higher than the child's head, and the waist belt should be placed between 2-3 inches from the waist. The bottom of the schoolbag is the same height as the lower back, and the schoolbag is located in the middle of the back, not on the bottom. 2. Reduce the load of other items, such as water bottles, fruits, snacks, etc., try not to put them in the schoolbag. If you want to bring them, it is better to prepare a hand bag for the children, and divide the weight into the hands to reduce the weight. In addition, in addition to the right amount of fruit, it is recommended not to bring too many snacks to the children. Some can let the children eat at home in the morning and evening, and try not to bring them to school.  3. Cultivate the ability of organizing and storing children.    From an early age, cultivate the habit of cleaning school bags in time. Some children lack the ability to take care of themselves and do not know how to clean up in time. The schoolbags are messy and a lot of'trash' is also hidden in them, occupying a lot of weight. For some schoolbags or materials that have been studied, parents should teach their children to take out schoolbags in time and lighten them. weight.   The purchase of school bags is not ideal, so you might as well try personalized school bag customization. Customized school bags, bags are worthy of choice, trustworthy, bags since its establishment. , Has customized high-quality school bags for many well-known schools, and has focused on luggage customization for 14 years. It has a strong team of designers and has long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic companies, including Lianjia, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec, etc. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of customized schoolbags, luggage is a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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