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How to quickly judge the quality of a luggage manufacturer

by:Evercredit     2021-03-26
Luggage plays an increasingly important role in life. It is not only a must-have item for travel, but also a popular global fashion item. With the rise of personalized luggage customization, luggage is becoming a regular option for corporate customized gifts. However, many purchasers do not understand the luggage industry, and the question of'how to judge the quality of a luggage manufacturer' is probably troubled by many purchasers. Today, the luggage author will talk about how to judge the quality of a luggage manufacturer. 1. Look at the types of bags provided by luggage manufacturers. With the segmentation of the luggage industry, the types of bags that major luggage manufacturers are good at are often different. For example, some manufacturers are good at producing computer backpacks, and some are good at producing fashionable women's bags. , Some manufacturers are good at producing trolley cases. A luggage manufacturer can do whatever type of luggage it wants. This is basically difficult, unless the factory is so big that there are branches that can implement completely different processes. If you encounter a luggage manufacturer that can do everything, you have to be careful to avoid being deceived.  2. Know the customers who have cooperated with the luggage manufacturer   To judge the quality of a luggage manufacturer, the easiest way is to understand the customers that the luggage manufacturer has cooperated with. If a luggage manufacturer has been emphasizing how professional it is or how rich it is in production, but cannot come up with a representative customer case, then the luggage manufacturer is limited no matter how professional it is. Conversely, if a luggage manufacturer has served many big-name companies, then the strength and reputation of the luggage manufacturer are trustworthy!    3. Field visit to the production base of the luggage manufacturer On-site visits to the production base of the luggage manufacturer is to judge whether a luggage manufacturer is good or bad The most direct and rude way. If you say nothing, you still have to look at it yourself to know if it's good or not. Visiting luggage manufacturers, look at their office areas, look at their exhibition halls, look at their production workshops, whether this luggage manufacturer is good or not, you will know it in your own mind. Luggage specializes in the production and customization of all kinds of luggage, including computer bags, travel bags, canvas bags, tool bags, inner bags, backpacks, ice bags, canvas bags, nylon bags, Oxford cloth bags, etc. It is a company that integrates design, development, and production. , Export-integrated luggage industry and trade enterprise, is a trustworthy luggage manufacturer!
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